Surf City Still Works Artist Bottles For Their Vodka, Gin and Rum

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The independent craft distillery Surf City Still Works in Huntington Beach, California has equal respect for cocktails, craft, quality, science and art resulting in a collection of beautifully bottled spirits. Unique bottle designs are created for the brand’s Vodka, Gin and Rum by local Southern California artists who work in various mediums.

Surf City Still Works Artist Bottles

The Surf City Still Works Artist Bottles are a tribute to Southern California Surf Culture and Cocktails.The Hunting Beach distillery, which opened in 2017, has a healthy respect for creativity in all forms. They refer to their entire team as ‘artists’ because they are, each in their own way. In addition to their crafting superb spirits, canned cocktails and seltzers, the artistic bottle designs for each hand-bottled batch of Vodka, Gin and Rum feature a colorful image made from artworks by local artists.

SHOREBREAK VODKA – art by Anne Marie Price

anne marie price art and bottle IIHIH

mosaic by Anne Marie Price
detail of mosaic by Anne Marie Price used for the bottle

Shorebreak Vodka is distilled with 100% American corn and carefully distilled to showcase a luscious mouthfeel highlighted by a round and balanced, cream-like richness.
82 Proof | 750 ml
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An earlier version of Shorebreak Vodka featured art by Sam Bernal and is still available at some liquor stores:
sam bernal art and bottle IIHIH

sam bernal art for bottle
Sam Bernal’s art used for the bottle design, photo: facebook

CALIFORNIA GIN art by muralist Melissa Murphy

melissa murphy mural and bottle IHIH

muralist melissa murphy
Melissa Murphy with her Dumpster painting used for the bottle design, photo:

Distilled with their proprietary blend of citrus peel, coriander, cardamom, grains of paradise and a light hint of juniper. Bright citrus notes, floral notes on the mid palate and a finish that is lush, spicy and long.
84 Proof | 750 ml
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SURFRIDER RUM art by McBiff (aka David McNeley)

mcbif bottle and art IIHIH

McBiff artwork used for bottle design, photo:Facebook
The distillery gives info about the artist on each bottle

Distilled from superior Virgin Islands sugar cane, Surfrider Rum features notes of banana, pineapple, papaya, mango and coconut. It pairs perfectly with any tropical cocktail or is also great sipper.
84 Proof | 750 ml
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The distillery offers a 200 ml gift pack of four of their bottles.

The bottles for their PIERSIDE BOURBON, HONEY BOURBON and BOURBON WHISKEY have an equally lovely bottle designs from the brand, only much more subtle.
surf city still works bourbon whiskey

They offer (at additional cost) a lovely wood gift box with their great logo:

surf city box

In addition to the above spirits, Surf City Distillery also makes and distributes Canned Cocktails and Seltzers.

Learn more and shop their products and merchandise here

all images courtesy of Surf City Still Works and the artists.