70+ Great Women’s March Signs From Yesterday’s Protests

Collection of Women's March Signs
original photo by @tracysommers

Much of the world was united yesterday in solidarity as Women’s Marches took place all over the globe. The protest signs – and there were so many – spoke volumes.

Women’s March Signs – Over 70!

Women's March Signs

Here are 70+ photos of the best fierce, funny and poignant homemade signs that were carried by the millions of women, men and children who participated in the marches worldwide.

photo by @thingsbitchessay

The world’s biggest protest for women’s rights (as well as immigrant laws, climate change and other topical issues) took place yesterday in cities all over the world. Women, men, and children of all ages, entire families – even dogs, expressed their feelings as they sported Women’s March signs from coast to coast and abroad. Some directly addressed the right to choose issue while others attacked those opposing it.

common sign themes seen at the marches

Some addressed love, empathy, humanity or humor, and some just expressed opinions about our new President and his new policies. There were the expected Rosie The Riveter posters, several proclaiming “What Meryl said” (a reference to the actresses’ speech at the Golden Globes) and lots of Princess Leia Resistance posters.

Here are our favorite 60+ examples of homemade signs. [I culled these images from all over the internet and cropped or brightened most of them. I added credit where I could find it. If one of them is yours, please let me know and I’ll be proud to add your name.]

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photo by @theunicornhammer
The adorable Tula Jeng (@theunicornhammer) and her signs
photo by Alicia Dunn

women's march signs

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And, the best one of all:

photo by @caterina

Worth noting, and carried by many on the marches, are these three “We The People” protest posters designed by artist Shepard Fairey with the Amplifier Foundation.

photo by @jujusinthebuilding

The posters feature a a Latina, a Muslim and an African American:
shepard fairy women's rights posters

shepard fairy women's rights posters

shepard fairy women's rights posters