Zoe Buckman’s Let Her Rave Packs a Punch

Zoe Buckman Let Her Rave

I didn’t physically participate in the Women’s March on Washington today (or one of the many others taking place around country). But I fiercely support that for which we are marching and I’ve chosen to feature the work of artist Zoe Buckman today as a result. The bulk of Zoe Buckman’s unique artwork promotes gender equality and feminism. Her inspiring series, Let It Rave, is a new body of work that marries the masculine with the feminine inspired by a line in a John Keats poem.

Zoe Buckman’s Let Her Rave

Zoe Buckman's Let Her Rave

The line in Keats’ Ode on Melancholy, “And if thy mistress some rich anger shows, imprison her soft hand and let her rave.” is the driving force behind a series of boxing gloves made from discarded wedding gowns. Satins, silks, beading and other ornate embellishments from the found and donated dresses envelope, and almost imprison, the boxing gloves in a compelling juxtaposition between strength and femininity.

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Simultaneously sublime and ridiculous, Let Her Rave embodies the inherent and complex, and in some cases conflicting, attributes that the female gender possesses; strength and beauty, grace and power, modesty and vanity.

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Hung in clusters with ribbons and veils upon the heavy metal chains, the sculptures are reminiscent of punching bags found in boxing gyms, begging the question who is really the more resilient and powerful gender?

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The East London-born Buckman is a multi-media artist working in sculpture, installation and photography that explores themes of Feminism, mortality, and equality.

Artist Zoe Buckman
Artist Zoe Buckman

She’s best known for her Present Life and Every Curve artwork series. She also happens to be married to actor David Schwimmer.

images courtesy of Zoe Buckman’s website and Instagram account.