70+ Great Women’s March Signs From Yesterday’s Protests

Collection of Women's March Signs
original photo by @tracysommers

Much of the world was united yesterday in solidarity as Women’s Marches took place all over the globe. The protest signs – and there were so many – spoke volumes. Read more

Some Pretty Polar Products In Honor Of Earth Day

polar products at if its hip its here

Today is Earth Day, a concept whose origins began way back in 1970. As we celebrate the 46th year of awareness, education, inspiration and the hopes of motivating people to action, I’ve rounded up a few relevant and cool little items for you. Read more

Watching a Movie Projected Onto An Iceberg Makes for Magical Nighttime Photos.

Cinema On Ice

While working on his project, On Thin Ice*, part of a body of work chronicling the effects of climate change on communities in low-lying regions, photographer Ciril Jazbec attended the projection of a movie onto an iceberg. Read more