First Class First Aid. Three Well-Designed Wall-Mountable First Aid Boxes.

well-designed first aid

Like fire extinguishers, a first aid kit is a necessary evil. Most of them are ugly and relegated to the junk drawer. However, for those who appreciate aesthetics, there are three great-looking wall-mountable boxes that have turned first aid into first class design.

Well-Designed First Aid Kits

Brands Radius, Montana and Cappellini offer well-designed first aid kits. Epitomizing form as function, these wall-mountable medicine boxes are safe, secure and store all the necessary items to treat and care for household injuries.

The First Aid Box

radius first aid box

Designed by Ulf Thomas Solbach for Radius, a company dedicated to ensuring every single item is a unique and functional work of art, the First Aid Box is a great-looking stainless steel frame that securely mounts to a wall so that the kit is always clearly visible and to hand whenever needed.

radius design first aid

It’s also easy to keep clean, ensuring the first aid kit always remains hygienic.It has a space cut out on the front which, combined with the red first aid box within, gives a clear indication of what’s inside.

first aid refill
refills for the kit are available through Radius

Brand: Radius
Designer: Ulf Thomas Solbach
Colors: red, silver
Materials: Nylon; Stainless steel
Length: 25.5cm
Width: 14cm
Height: 9cm
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The Cross Cabinet

capellini cross box first aid kit

This First Aid Box was created by Thomas Ericksson for the brand Cappellini. Playful and imaginative, this storage cabinet can be used to store health and beauty essentials, or it can be used to add a creative visual accent for general storage.

Capellini Cross Box First Aid kit red

The Cross cabinet by Thomas Ericksson is wall-hanging, available with a glossy varnished finish, in red, orange, green, blue and white.

capellini cross box colors

Made of laser-cut and folded sheet metal, the doors of the Cross cabinets fasten with a magnet.

cross-shaped first aid box

Brand: Cappellini
Designer: Thomas Ericksson
Colors: red, white, green (glossy)
Materials: lacquered metal, metal
Width: 43.5cm
Height: 45cm
Depth: 15.5cm
Weight 6.8kg
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Aid First Aid Box

Montana First Aid Box red

Designed by Peter J. Lassen for the label Montana, AID is a wall-mounted medicine cabinet with room for the essentials. Perfect for the small bathroom or guest toilet, it has an interior shelf for storing medicine and toiletries. The cabinet is provided with an icon indicating the contents. AID is not available with a lock but place it high up on the wall to avoid children’s reach.

Montana First Aid Box

The cabinet is available with suspension rail. Choose from Montana’s 40 lacquer colours.

Montana First Aid Box colors

Brand: Montana
Designer: Peter J. Lassen
Collection: Montana Selection
Colors: new white 101, anthracite 04, rosehip 145, nordic 09 (lacquered)
Materials:12 mm MDF board, MDF lacquered
Width: 35.4cm
Height: 35.4cm
Depth: 20cm
· regional production / short transport routes
· Reduced pollutant load due to the use of water-based lacquer

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