The Buttero Dish by Anissa Kermiche

Voluptuous Butter Dish Buttero hero

If it’s a voluptuous butter dish you’re after, look no further, we found the best.  Artist, designer and sculptor Anissa Kermiche is known for using the female body, its anatomy and curves as sensuous designs for both her jewelry and homewares. Her butter keeper, the Buttero Dish, is a nod to both butter and Botero, the Colombian artist best known for his bloated, rotund depictions of people, animals and elements.

A Voluptuous Butter Dish

ceramic butter keeper shaped like female body

In Kermiche’s work, much like Botero’s, the human body’s shape and curves are exaggerated – much like a Kardashian. Oversized hips and big buttocks become vases, candleholders and naked torsos celebrate the female body as pendants and sculpted pieces.

voluptuous butter dish

But it’s her butter keeper for which we have the biggest crush. The Buttero Dish is a yellow glazed earthenware butter dish and cover that celebrates excess.

butter dish

The sensual shape is both fun and functional and looks great out on the counter or on a table. A voluptuous piece of sculpture that will not only hold your “buttah” but reminds you not to shy away from it.

figural butter dish

Height: 3CM
Width: 9.5CM
Length: 13CM

anissa kermiche butter keeper


buttero photo charlie ann max
photo: @charlieannmax

Price: £80.00, $101.13 USD

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all images courtesy of Anissa Kermiche