So What’s With This Samsung Firevase? And Can You Buy One?

Samsung Firevase

Early adopters like myself go nuts when they see a useful product demonstration that’s going viral, yet there’s no actual information regarding place of purchase or date of release. Or worse, it’s not available at all. This seems to be the case with the Samsung Firevase, a flower vase that doubles as a throw-able fire extinguisher in the event of a fire. Read more

You Have To Have One, So Why Not A Hip One? SAFE-T Fire Extinguishers

Safe-T Design Fire Extinguishers

I actually wrote about some fun designer Fire extinguishers from France way back in 2009. Now there’s a U.S. company that makes a slew of cool options to protect your home from fires. Read more

Extinguishers You Can Get Fired Up About. SAFE-T Designer Fire Extinguishers In Leather, Flags, Colors and More.

Since you should have a fire extinguisher in your home (and if you don’t – shame on you!), why not make it an interesting one? I’ve already introduced you to both the Fire Design Collection and Pinqy and now, Tusch und Egon offers Safe-T brand fire extinguishing devices in a variety of stylish colors and designs. Leather wrapped with debossed Safe-T shield, shiny or matte colors, Flags, even ones with vintage looking wine labels.

Black Leather:

Green Leather:

Red Leather:

Matte Black:

Shiny Gold:

Shiny Copper:




Wine Bottle, Black or Red:

American Flag:

British Flag:

Swiss Flag:

Measuring 9 cm in diameter and 29 cm in height, they weigh 2 kg and are technically manufactured according to BS EN, 3-8 requirements. Optional metal wall brackets are available. Get a few… one for the home, the office, even the car.

Price: $126 USD or £76.00 GBP – and yes, they ship worldwide. Buy them here

Tusch und Egon Ltd.
2 Chadwell Street
London EC1R 1UX
Great Britain