House Shelves. Wall Mounted Mid-Century Modern Dollhouses.

wall mounted mid-century modern dollhouses

Turning form into function are these fabulous wall-mounted Mid-century Modern dollhouses called House Shelves.

Wall Mounted Mid-Century Modern Dollhouses


UPDATE:It is with great sadness that we learned about the passing of Judson Beaumont who died of a myocardial infarction at the young age of 59 on February 20, 2020. The state of his company, Straightline Designs, and work are still unknown.

Justin Beaumont of Straightline Designs, about whose wonderfully whimsical furniture I have blogged about here and here, continues to win me over with his fun and functional designs for the home. His new House Shelves are a series of wall-mountable shelves whose designs were inspired by post modern architecture in Palm Springs.


By re-imagining the iconic details of the butterfly houses, Judson Beaumont presents the buildings in a new way – from the eyes of a furniture designer. Each shelf is made from recycled materials including scrap wood from the shop, recycled plastic laminate and cork. They have been built with the intent of using left over materials from other jobs.



The Walled Estates are designed to hold items that don’t necessarily have a home – such as keys, glasses and mail. Alongside ordinary household items, miniature furniture pieces are also displayed.


Acting as doll houses for grownups, this combination creates for a playful and whimsical sense of scale.

These are the first series of House Shelves by the Canada-based furniture designer. His second series of shelves are inspired by industrial buildings and warehouses.


For prices and order inquires please email them at [email protected]

all images and information courtesy of Judson Beaumont Straightline Designs

Another very interesting use of dollhouses as functional home furnishings are the House Lights by Peter Waltz who turns old dollhouses into working light fixtures.