Judson Beaumont’s Latest Whimsical Furniture From Straight Line Designs

straight line designs furniture

A ways back I wrote three different posts on furniture for children that would make one’s room look like Dr. Seuss meets Alice In Wonderland. One of the designers, the very talented Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs has added many wonderful pieces to his collection since I last blogged about him.

Judson Beaumont’s Latest Whimsical Furniture From Straight Line Designs

Take a look at some of his newest additions.

Oops Cabinet:
oops cabinet
oops cabinet close up

Beaver cabinet:
beaver cabinet
beaver cabinet detail 1beaver cabinet detail 2

Anne Armoire:
anne armoireanne armoire2

Raymond Dresser:
raymond dresser

Mrs. Pearson dresser:
mrs pearson dresser

Sobey dresser:
sobey dresser

Sullivan Clock:
sulivan clock
sullivan clock face

Squiddy Table:
squiddy table

Tear away bench:
tear away bench
tear away bench detail

Splish Splash Birdbath:
splish splash birdbath1
splish splash birdbath2
splish splash birdbath3

And for the older set….

His fabulous Little Black Dresser:
little black dresser

and his new Rock furniture line:

Visit Straight Line Designs here.

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