House Shelves. Wall Mounted Mid-Century Modern Dollhouses.

wall mounted mid-century modern dollhouses

Turning form into function are these fabulous wall-mounted Mid-century Modern dollhouses called House Shelves. Read more

Qubis – Amy Whitworth’s Modern Doll Houses That Double As Furniture.

Qubis Doll Houses

Wooden modular furniture that functions as dollhouses are the hallmark of Qubis design. The QUBIS HAUS, C Shape Qubis, S Shape Qubis, Qubis Box Haus, Qubis Haus Walls, Qubis Magnetic Oak Furniture and Qubis Magnetic Oak People are new products by Amy Whitworth Design. Read more

Two New Modern Architecturally Inspired Dollhouses, The Dylan and the Edward.

architecturally inspired dollhouses

Just in time for the holidays when a new dollhouse makes a wonderful gift for children and adults alike, brinca dada, manufacturers and designers of some of the most beautiful modern dollhouses have released two new products. Read more

The Arne Jacobsen Doll House, MiiBoxen, Is Now Available From Minimii.

MiiBoxen from minimii

In November 2009 I introduced you to a dollhouse design by Minimii, The Miiboxen, that was a miniature reproduction of Arne Jacobsen’s actual home in Charlottenlund. The post also compared the dollhouse to the original home of the famous designer. Read more

Brinca Dada Introduces The First Real Modern Furniture For Dollhouses.

Real Modern Furniture For Dollhouses

Brinca Dada’s 32 piece collection of modern miniature furniture for the Emerson House. Read more

Mid-Century Modern Miniature. The Emerson House By Brinca Dada.

The Emerson House By Brinca Dada

I was absolutely thrilled to learn that brinca dada of New York has created a modern dollhouse, inspired by Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann Desert House and the Cooper residence designed by A. Quincy Jones. Read more

Mark Turpin’s Pine Island: Architecture In Miniature

mark turpin's pine island miniatures

You can’t call Mark Turpin’s creations Dollhouses, that would be a gross misnomer. Read more