Dadbag Fanny Pack Let’s You Strap On A Beer Belly

Albert Pukies, who works at London-based news and media company Joint, has created the Dadbag fanny pack (or bum bag) to give him the appearance of a middle-aged paunch. Why? The trim Londoner wanted a “Dad Bod” without the health risks.

The Dadbag Fanny Pack

We’ve shared with you a backpack that looks like a scrotal sack, underwear that gives you body hair and even swimsuits that add some testosterone to your wardrobe. Now you can compliment any of those with the Dadbag fanny pack.

The Dadbag Fanny Pack

In case you are not aware, the “Dad Bod” is slang for the softly rounded body style common among middle-aged men after years of consuming beer and burgers. The Dad Bod has been found desirable among some women because it makes them less insecure about their own physique.

Albert took the classic fanny pack that one wears around their waist and printed it with photographic images of beer bellies. Some hairy, some sun-burned, and some with extra rolls.

When this post was written, Albert had yet to find someone to produce the Dadbag fanny pack. Now there are tons of companies producing versions of them here on Amazon

purchase any of the Dadbags here.

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