Hairy Underpants and Undershirts Are Back and Even Better Than Before.

Five years ago I featured the hilarious hair-printed undergarments by a pair of female designers from Finland named Nutty Tarts (but who now appear to have changed their name to “Shaken Not Blurred“). But the sale of their leggings, undershirts and underwear which added body hair to the hairless ceased a few years back. Now they have launched a new, updated collection and it’s even funnier.

Hairy Underpants and Undershirts

Hairy Underpants and Undershirts

The new collection of three new panties for women and three new unisex tanks are made of 95% organic cotton and 5% Lycra.  Sadly, the items are no longer available for purchase, with the project coming to a close in 2017. Here’s a look at the collection of Hairy Underpants and Undershirts.

BUSH (available now):
Karvakalsarit BUSH IIHIH
bush undies CU IIHIH

FORMAL GARDEN (coming soon):

LAWN (coming soon):

FRONT YARD (available now):
Karvakalsarit Front Yard IIHIH
front yard tank CU IIHIH

FOREST (coming soon):

CLEAR CUT (coming soon):
Clear Cut tank IIHIH

Hairy Undershirts and Underwear are designed and ethically produced in Finland and can be purchased here

About Nutty Tarts
Nutty Tarts (in Finnish, Tärähtäneet ämmät) Eis the talented Finnish art duo behind the Monokini 2.0 (the one breasted swimsuits designed for Cancer survivors). Mrs. Katriina Haikala and Mrs. Vilma Metteri have been working together since year 2007 and their goal has ever since been “to do things like they have never been done before”.


Shaken Not Blurred