Tarform Motorcycles are Sustainable, Electric and Oh So Pretty. Luna Scrambler and Racer.

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Tarform Motorcycles have an honorable goal: to build sustainable vehicles without compromise using clean technology. And from what we can see, it looks like they are well on their way. Their Luna Scrambler Edition and Luna Racer Edition electric motorcycles are not only beautiful to gaze upon but are designed for upgradability, use bio-based components, recyclable materials and industry processes which produce less waste.

Tarform Electric Motorcycles

tarform motorcycles
The 2023 Luna Scrambler
tarform luna racer
The 2023 Luna Racer

We’ve written about a couple of electric motorcycles, but none as pretty as these. There are two variations of the bike and both are gorgeous: The Luna Scrambler edition is the brand’s original design and the newer Racer edition whose differences are predominantly aesthetic. The Racer sits lower and has firmer, street-focused suspension and a new fancier headlight.

Tarform’s Luna Scrambler

The Tarform Luna comes in two different expressions – The Scrambler and The Racer. Sharing the same platform and powertrain, The Scrambler has a classic headlight, spoked wheels and knobby tires for all terrains.

tarform luna motorcycle

Tarform's Luna Racer edition
Tarform’s Luna Racer

The aesthetic of the Tarform Motorcycle is inspired by the brand’s ethos to respect the Earth. Components are made from flax fibers, recycled aluminum, and biodegradable leather. The electric motorcycle is built on a modular platform which allows for upgradability in lieu of having to buy a new bike. The battery pack can be upgraded as technology evolves, the bodywork can be changed for a new style and the software can be updated for a smarter ride, resulting in far less waste.

First of a kind plant-based construction? Yep. In the pursuit of one day abandoning the use of toxic and non-recyclable materials altogether, they devoted years to develop a plant-based composite material made out of flax seed fiber, bio-resin, and algae pigment.

Scrambler edition

tarform motorcyle design
Tarform Luna Scrambler

Through compression moulding, instead of traditional vacuum bagging (which produces 5x the amount of waste per usable component), they’ve ensured panelling production is precise and results in no wasted materials.

tarform beauty shot gauge
Tarform Luna Scrambler
Tarform Scramble
Tarform Luna Scrambler

“As a company rooted in designing for change, empowering through clean technology, and respecting the environment, Tarform chooses to build upon this rich history by pushing the craft ever further. The electric two wheeled market is now at an inflection point and we are honored to be at the forefront in shaping this new industry.

Tarform at the Petersen Museum
The Tarform at the Petersen Museum

We can’t imagine a better way to deliver our first vehicle to the North American market than through a heritage museum committed to honoring the art and history of the motorcycle while looking towards the future.”-Taras, Tarform Motorcycles

With the electric powertrain there’s no oil changes, minimal maintenance and no wasted energy. Technology is also smartly used for safety.

Tarform's electric Racer
Tarform’s electric Racer

In addition to front and rear lights, the bikes have a large HD display with Bluetooth Blindspot protection with haptic feedback and insights, an HD 180° rear view camera and keyless proximity ignition.

Racer edition

man approaching tarform bike
Tarform Luna Racer

The Luna Racer is a revival of the classic Cafe Racer style from the 70’s. Neutral stance with the acceleration of a sport bike and nimble handling of street roadster.

The headlight on the Racer edition
Tarform Luna Racer detail
The readout on the Luna Racer
electric motorcycles
Tarform Luna Racer

Tarform is truly a custom motorcycle. Each is built to order and is handcrafted in Brooklyn. They use top of the line suspension from Ohlins and performance brake systems from ISR. Battery module with sony power cells and control systems from Sevcon for reliability and quality. Each frame is TIG welded by hand. There’s no gearbox or clutch, you just twist the throttle and fly.

Tarform Luna Racer

Not only is it sustainably produced but The Tarform Luna can perform. It goes from zero to sixty in 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 120 mph. It recharges quickly (0% to 80% in 50 minutes), has three different driving modes and plugs into a household outlet or level 2 charger.

Tarform Luna Racer
Tarform Luna Racer

3.4″ HD display with bluetooth
blindspot detection with haptic feedback
hd 180° rear view camera
sonic aura acoustic sound
3 riding modes
regenerative braking
keyless proximity ignition

hand fabricated trellis frame
Ohlins front and rear suspension
isr performance brakes
18″ billet aluminium or spoked wheels
biodegradable fairings

10kwh battery pack
41kw (55hp) motor
3.3kw onboard charger
33″ seat height
25° rake
440 lbs weight

They’ve also made some spectacular special limited editions like the Luna Black for Uncrate and The Founder’s Edition.

tarform luna special editions
left: Luna Founder’s Edition limited to 54; right: Luna Black for Uncrate limited to 20

“It’s as close as you get to surfing. It’s this seamless transfer of motion…your body is moving the machine and the machine is moving your body.” – Taras Kravtchouk

The Tarform Luna Racer Edition and Scrambler Edition each start at $24,000.

Learn more or reserve yours now by visiting their site here 

all images and information courtesy of Tarform