Solid Sterling Silver Dominoes Set With Black Diamonds and Pearls.

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The Rosior Luxury Domino Set is for those who take their domino-playing very seriously. Or for those ballers who don’t play dominoes at all but like the look of these impressive pieces on their coffee tables. A one-off produced set of solid sterling silver dominoes, each inset with real black diamond dots and a center white pearl by one of Portugal’s finest jewelers.

Rosior Luxury Domino Set

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Rosior is a Family-run jewellery house, manufacturing one off high jewelry pieces in Portugal. Founded by José Manuel Rosas in in 1978, they create extraordinary gemstone jewels along with unusual luxury pieces such as this one.

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Each piece is produced in solid silver as is the box in which it comes. Both are stamped with the Rosier logo as well as Manuel Rosas’ name. You will also notice each piece is stamped .925 by the Portuguese assay office as proof of the sterling silver quality.

There are Swarovski Crystal Dominoes available out there for 1/6th the price but this one of a kind piece pairs providence with meticulous attention to detail. Loyal to artisanal techniques, Rosior master craftsmen carefully curate each piece, stone by stone, to replicate and realize J.M Rosas’ vision.

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Every piece is designed and brought to vivid, artistic life in the company’s own workshop. From first sketch to final assembly, each element is produced, finished and assembled in-house. It’s by keeping a watchful eye on all steps of the process that Rosior can guarantee quality, continuity, and its own unique and stringent criteria for each item it creates.

Passion, perfectionism, creativity, and care combine with extensive gemstone knowledge in a portfolio that is truly pioneering, paving a new path in the heritage and history of Portugal’s high-end jewellery market.

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Contemporary “Domino” Draw Game manufactured in Solid Sterling Silver and set with Black Diamonds and white pearls in sterling box.

Date Created: 2019
Dimensions: Width: 5.71 in. (145 mm) Length: 6.5 in. (165 mm)
Total weight of silver: 2165 gr
Total diamond carats: 168 black diamonds totalling 33.27 cts
Size of the box is: 16,5cm x 14,5cm 6.49″ x 5,70″
Size of each piece: 3,8cm x 1,8cm x 0,6cmh 1.49″ x 0,70″ x 0,23″

proof of provenance and authenticity

Asking price on 1st Dibs is $30,173.90.

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