Bau Bau Dog Toilet with Poop Bag Dispenser, Waste Bin and Water Fountain

bau bau dog toilet hero IIHIH

The Bau Bau is an example of smart industrial design. An aesthetically appealing dog toilet created for public parks and areas that people with dogs frequent. Bau Bau provides dog poop bags and disposal, while the Oasis version does the same, only it includes a water fountain and bowl.

Bau Bau Dog Toilet

Bau Bau dog poo bag dispenser shown in weathered Corten steel finish

The Bau Bau dog toilet and Oasis were designed by Marcello Ziliani for Holzhof, an Italian supplier of green urban, park and playground products. Bau Bau is an attractive way to help keep the environment clean, dogs hydrated and parks poop-free.

Bau Bau and Oasis in painted aluminum

The unit is available in powder-coated aluminum, painted aluminum or with a finish that looks like weathered Corten steel.

The dog-shaped litter bin is made of powder-coated aluminum and is available with a finish that looks like weathered Corten steel or painted in colors of your choice. The dog bags are retrieved from the “mouth’ so if you use red bags, they look like a doggy’s tongue!

Bau Bau and Oasis in painted powder-coated aluminum
Bau Bau Oasis in powder-coated aluminum

A tilting system with automatic closure prevents odor from escaping, even if the door is accidentally left open.

A safety key is used to open the door to add poop bags or dispose of the waste.

Supplier: Holzhof
Designer: Marcello Ziliani