The Savic C-Series Electric Motorcycles

Savic C-Series electric motorcycles

Australia’s first high-performance electric road bike combines the timeless looks of a classic café racer with today’s leading green technology to result in a street-legal motorcycle that’s fast and lean. Introducing Savic Motorcycles 2020 C-Series. Read more

The Hope Motorbike: A Custom Revamped Vetrix V1 Scooter

The Electric Hope Motorbike

The Hope Motorbike, a custom revamped Vetrix V1 Scooter, from Sam Aguiar of France’s Shiny Hammer is a futuristic, fully electric maxi scooter that is made-to-order. Read more

The Saietta, A Zero Emissions Electric Urban Motorcycle Perfect For Commuting.

saietta electric motorcycles IIHIH

Saietta represents the first meaningful redesign in motorcycling in a generation. Its unparalleled handling and revolutionary styling have set the benchmark for performance and design across the industry. Available in three core colors (red, black and white) or 8 optional colors (including the chrome), the electric motorbike has had glowing reviews and awards. The all-day-long range, unmatched handling and impressive power are all that you could ask of an electric vehicle. Read more

The Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle: Another Pricey Green Machine

brammo enertia

Having blogged about The Mission One electric motorcycle, it’s only fair to share with you another expensive eco-friendly bike; The Brammo Enertia, an 18-horsepower electric street legal motorcycle with a top speed of 55 miles an hour, which made its public debut in New York yesterday. Read more

It’s Fast. It’s Furious. It’s Earth Friendly. The New Mission One EV Sport Bike.

mission one EV sport bike

This past Wednesday, Feb 4th, Mission One’s EV Sport Bike, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, designed in conjunction with Yves Behar and his Fuse Project, was unveiled at the TED 2009 Conference. It’s mean, it’s green and I wish I had the 70k to buy one. Read more