Like a Tree House For Jesus, A Chapel On Stilts.

Residencial Capela Joá

The Residencial Capela Joá by Bernardes Arquitetura appears like a religious tree house. Built on stilts and suspended above the affluent Joá neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, the chapel’s rectangular glass structure emanates a mystical orange glow from between the branches of its tropical surroundings.

Residencial Capela Joá

Residencial Capela Joá
Residencial Capela Joá
Residencial Capela Joá

The vertical wooden louvered house of worship is fitted over glass to let in just enough sunlight, provide a view onto the lush surrounding foliage and keep the interiors of the sanctuary cool.

capela joa rio 3 IIHIH
capela joa rio 4 IIHIH capela joa rio 6 IIHIH capela joa rio 8 IIHIHcapela joa rio 9 IIHIH

The 43m2 structure converges at the altar, its narrowest point, backed by a glass wall looking out onto the ocean, reinforcing its celestial ambiance.

overhead sketch IIHIH
side elevation sketch IIHIH

Residencial Capela Joá – RIO DE JANEIRO
Project completion: 2014
Área: 43m²
Architecture: Bernardes Arquitetura
Interiors: Bernardes Arquitetura
Team: Thiago Bernardes, Camila Tariki, Francisco Abreu, Daniel Vannucchi, Thiago Moretti, Maria Vittoria Oliveira, Ana Paula Endo
Lighting: Wall Lamp
Photography: Tuca Reinés (however, the original images have been cropped for this post)

Information courtesy of Wallpaper and images courtesy of  Bernardes Arquitetura

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