Like a Tree House For Jesus, A Chapel On Stilts.

Brazil Chapel on stilts

The Residencial Capela Joá by Bernardes Arquitetura appears like a religious tree house. A Chapel on stilts and suspended above the affluent Joá neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, the chapel’s rectangular glass structure emanates a mystical orange glow from between the branches of its tropical surroundings.

A Chapel on Stilts – Residencial Capela Joá

A Chapel on Stilts

Residencial Capela Joá A Chapel on Stilts

A Chapel on Stilts

The vertical wooden louvered house of worship is fitted over glass to let in just enough sunlight, provide a view onto the lush surrounding foliage and keep the interiors of the sanctuary cool.

A Chapel on Stilts

capela joa rio chapel

capela joa rio 6 IIHIH

capela joa rio chapel on stilts

Chapel on Stilts

The 43m2 structure converges at the altar, its narrowest point, backed by a glass wall looking out onto the ocean, reinforcing its celestial ambiance.

overhead sketch IIHIH
side elevation sketch IIHIH

Residencial Capela Joá – RIO DE JANEIRO
Project completion: 2014
Área: 43m²
Architecture: Bernardes Arquitetura
Interiors: Bernardes Arquitetura
Team: Thiago Bernardes, Camila Tariki, Francisco Abreu, Daniel Vannucchi, Thiago Moretti, Maria Vittoria Oliveira, Ana Paula Endo
Lighting: Wall Lamp
Photography: Tuca Reinés (however, the original images have been cropped for this post)

Information courtesy of Wallpaper and images courtesy of  Bernardes Arquitetura