The Garden’s Jewel: A Sculpturally Embellished Tree House

Garden's Jewel Tree House

The Garden’s Jewel is an organically shaped pod nestled in the heart of a tree that provides a small but sophisticated sanctuary that’s embellished with welded steel ornaments.

Garden’s Jewel Tree House

Garden's Jewel Tree House

It’s more than a tree house, it’s a permanent art installation by artist Loris Cecchini in collaboration with TOMO Architects for Galleria Continua. Permanently welded to a tree in Grenoble, France, the on-site sculpture is a covered shell of polyester resin, embellished with the recognizable welded steel sculptures of artist Loris Cecchini. It’s part of the latter artist’s series of idealized dwelling systems combining sculpture and the tradition of utopian architecture.


garden's jewel

base of tree house

The pod is designed to incorporate the tree’s trunk, has a ladder for entry and multi-pane windows that open to allow light and breezes as well as a look at the surrounding environment.

sculptural tree house

inside garden's jewel tree house

tree house design

The branch-like sculptural elements that are welded to the pod and its surroundings are in the inimitable style for which Loris Cecchini is known.

artist loris cecchini

loris cecchini embellished treehouse

The shell was constructed using composite materials to make it lightweight, yet sturdy enough to withstand 700 kg (or 1,453 lbs).

shell for garden's jewel treehouse

Drawings and Architectural plans:

Project: Tree-­house / Art Installation / Sculpture
Year: 2016
Materials: shell in polyester resin, steel, glass and covered in stainless steel chromed welded modules.
Permanent project: Grenoble, France
Galleria Continua (San Gimignano/Beijing/Les Moulins/Habana),
TOMO Architects (Milan),
Facemarine (Lecco),
Erreuno (Prato)
photos: ©Galleria Continua, courtesy of Tomo Architects; Quentin Simon photo, courtesy of © Studio Loris Cecchini

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