Beauer Expandable Caravans Are Cute and Surprisingly Capacious.

expandable caravans

Beauer, the French recreational transport vehicle company, has a line of caravans (or trailers) that expand to twice and thrice their towing size when parked. The cute mobile vehicles turn into mobile homes for camping, exploring and living. Read more

The SeaXplorer Goes Where No Yacht has Gone Before.

The SeaXplorer

Damen‘s range of SeaXplorer yachts introduced at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show are specially designed luxury yachts made to explore the most remote places on Earth in total style and comfort. Read more

The New Bowlus Road Chief Will Drive You Crazy With Desire. (40 photos)

2015 Bowlus Road Chief

Once you see the Bowlus Road Chief, you’ll ask “Airstream who?” This mirror-shiny, riveted bullet-like luxury trailer is outfitted with your choice of three stunning interiors all of which include hand-fitted wood paneling, polished aluminum and stainless steel countertops. The elegantly appointed trailer has paid attention to every detail. Read more

Crash Baggage – Cool Looking Luggage That Refutes “Handle With Care”

Crash baggage

Venetian designer Francesco Pavia has reinvented the suitcase (or trolley) as a pre-damaged looking piece of luggage. Purposely dinged and dented Crash Baggage are hardshell cases on wheels in beautiful matte and shiny colors. Already featured in the hippest design mags, shops and shows in Europe and Asia, Crash Baggage is well-designed, durable and made from 100% sustainable plastic. Read more

Chic Little Prefab Rental Home Near Joshua Tree Is A Hip Hideaway.


Looking for a hip, remote and romantic place to stay? The Rock Reach House, a prefab home built by Blue Sky Systems along with Architect Lance O’Donnell of o2 Architecture is the perfect desert hideaway. The 1000 sq foot home, located in Yucca Valley near Joshua Tree National Park, took only 8 weeks to build and is now a very chic little vacation rental. Read more

Crazy Curvalinear Ski Resort in Iran Inspired By Snowdrifts and Igloos. The Barin Ski Resort.

The Barin ski resort

While the exterior of the Barin Ski Resort was designed to blend into the snow covered landscape, the interior offers a modern igloo-like refuge. Designed by RYRA studio, the 60 square meter building with it’s topographical like interior walls and ceilings, is nine stories tall and began in 2008 and was completed in 2011. Read more