Crash Baggage – Cool Looking Luggage That Refutes “Handle With Care”

Crash baggage

Venetian designer Francesco Pavia has reinvented the suitcase (or trolley) as a pre-damaged looking piece of luggage. Purposely dinged and dented Crash Baggage are hardshell cases on wheels in beautiful matte and shiny colors. Already featured in the hippest design mags, shops and shows in Europe and Asia, Crash Baggage is well-designed, durable and made from 100% sustainable plastic.

Crash Baggage Pre-dented Luggage

Crash Baggage Pre-dented Luggage

It was in Florence, back in January of 2013, that the brand first introduced the “handle without care” philosophy to the public. The first Crash Baggage official event took place in June during the 84th edition of Pitti Uomo in Florence, in collaboration with the concept store “Societe Anonime”.

crash baggage

“Each piece comes pre-damaged like it’s already been tossed around a few times by airport personal. Not only does it eliminate the fear of seeing your precious new bag come out all battered, but it sure makes it easier to spot. BEFORE YOU SAY IT’S SO STUPID, CHECK TO SEE IF YOU ARE WEARING JEANS WITH PRE-MADE HOLES IN THEM.” – Crash Baggage

Your Crash Baggage will always be traceable With Follow my Bag card! Each case has one:

The Pioneer Collection (now Icon)
The first crash baggage collection to be released to the market. It’s characterized by a careful selection of light and dark colors with a matte finishing.

CB pale pink IIHIH

CB pioneer color names IIHIH

The Bright Collection
Includes metallic colors and its main characteristic is the bright finishing of the body shell. This makes the color tones stand out for their intensity.

CB bronze2 IIHIH

Colors for the Bright Collection:

CRASH BAGGAGE® now stands as one of the most dauntless contemporary brands, incessantly reinventing the way in which hardshell trolleys should be designed, manufactured and styled.

crash baggage

Crash Baggage’s distribution network has significantly grown since the brand was born and its collections can currently be found in the most selected design and fashion stores around the world, such as: Merci in Paris, Luisa Via Roma in Florence, Ron Herman and Beams in Tokyo, Beaker in Seoul, Common People in Mexico City, Kapok in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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