The SeaXplorer Goes Where No Yacht has Gone Before.

The SeaXplorer

Damen‘s range of SeaXplorer yachts introduced at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show are specially designed luxury yachts made to explore the most remote places on Earth in total style and comfort.

The SeaXplorer


bridge deck lounge area

These are not yachts designed for those who like to play shuffleboard and read magazines, these are true purpose-built yachts for the hardcore adventurer and explorer.



Designed to travel anywhere in the world, even through the polar regions, the Sea Explorer 100, 90 and 65 are expedition yachts with an optimized hull for ice-breaking. Most ice-class superyachts are designed to navigate only through broken ice floes, but the Sea Explorers are built to Polar Class 6 standards, enabling them to break through ice fields.

seaxplorer breaks through ice floes

damen seaxplorer yacht

The innovative double-acting hull differs from a conventional hull in that they can keep going through waters with high ice concentration, thrust through challenging ice up to about a meter thick, and can ram into the pack ice, so you can walk right out onto the frozen sea.


SeaXplorer 01

Interior Comfort and Luxury

seaxplorer yacht

The largest SeaXplorer accommodates up to 30 guests in absolute luxury and comfort, highly customized by a leading interior designer of your choice and finished with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality of craftsmanship. In the guest areas, the SeaXplorer’s interiors can match the top level of an AMELS superyacht, bearing the stamp of your individual originality.

seaXplorer yacht

Azure Yacht Design has found clever and elegant solution details with subtle design transitions from professional to luxury finishes while celebrating the yacht’s virile and well-built beauty.

The Observation Lounge with Bow Point Outdoor Deck:
SeaXplorer Bridge deck

Enjoy incredible surroundings under the skylight or experience the wilderness outside while watching the ocean over the bow.

The Bridge Deck Sky Lounge:


The SeaXplorer 90’s central staircase or elevator takes you from the Main Deck to Bridge Deck — that’s four guest decks — up to The Sky Lounge. The lounge opens fully to the aft deck for heated outdoor relaxation and connects with the Wheelhouse where you can follow the expedition’s progress.

The Owner’s Suite:
The SeaXplorer owner's suite

The bedroom master suite combines the ultimate in luxury yachting comfort, elegance and indulgence with stunning views of places other yachts can’t reach. On the SeaXplorer 65, the wide curving windows of the Owner’s stateroom and office connect with the aft outdoor area.

Crew Logistics and professional facilites:

Top crews will be drawn to the innovative SeaXplorer, but this is no day boat in the Med. We’ve made sure the SeaXplorer does its share, with the equipment and machinery that your crew need to make your expedition a success. Within the Sea Explorer range there are MLC compliant cabins for up to 50 crew, including expedition guides, ice pilot, interpreter, divemaster, submersible pilots, helicopter crews, physician, photographer/filmmaker and security.


Each SeaXplorer will come stocked with a small navy of tenders, life boats, zodiacs, waverunners, and submersibles. The two largest vessels in the SeaXplorer series can carry two helicopters.

SeaXplorer 90m

Environmentally responsible:
seaxplorer engine diagram

Although the SeaXplorer might be a heavyweight when it comes to expedition capability, it leaves a light footprint on the environment. The diesel-electric watercooled generator set features soot filters as well as SCR systems to reduce NOX emissions. The yachts have a waste heat recovery system for efficient air conditioning, heating as well as potable water and pool heating. They also feature a waste management system with large holding tanks, plastics disposal, refuse separation, glass crusher, compactor, cooled garbage store, and onboard incinerator. Even the Polar Class double-skinned fuel storage tanks serve as an extra precaution to avoid oil spills.

seaxplorer range

Here’s a video of their SeaXplorer Ice Test:

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For detailed specs and information, visit SeaXplorer