The New Bowlus Road Chief Will Drive You Crazy With Desire. (40 photos)

2015 Bowlus Road Chief

Once you see the Bowlus Road Chief, you’ll ask “Airstream who?” This mirror-shiny, riveted bullet-like luxury trailer is outfitted with your choice of three stunning interiors all of which include hand-fitted wood paneling, polished aluminum and stainless steel countertops. The elegantly appointed trailer has paid attention to every detail.

New Bowlus Road Chief

New Bowlus Road Chief
left: 1935 Bowlus Papoose, Image by © Douglas Keister/Corbis; right: The new Bowlus Road Chief

The original Road Chief dates back to the 1930s and was created by Hawley Bowlus, the aviation designer who brought us the Spirit of St. Louis. At the time only 80 were made before the company ceased production. Husband and wife team John Long and Helena Mitchell (shown below) bought the rights and patents and have now launched an updated version of the Vintage Bowlus Travel Trailer.

Bowlus Road Chief

The New Bowlus Road Chief
The new Bowlus Road Chief was first publicized in early 2013 in publications such as Wired, the New York Times, Modern Traveler and Caravan Times. Since then, they’ve finessed the details and the Retro American-inspired vehicle is finally in production and taking reservations for purchase (details on that further down in the post).

Bowlus Road Chief

Bowlus Road Chief

bowlus road chief beach night and day IIHIH

From fully heated floors to Marine quality refrigerators with a German Danfoss compressor, each item put into the Bowlus has been selected based upon quality, efficiency and weight consideration.


bowlus travel trailer

Bowlus Road Chief

Bowlus Road Chief int

• Flooring is fully heated.
• All counter tops are stainless steel.
• A cellular amplifier along with a mini booster makes connecting a cinch.
• Thanks to the low overall height just shy of eight feet and the removable tongue (not as painful as it sounds) the Road Chief can be parked virtually anywhere.
• The walls are insulated with polystyrene – just right to keep cool in the summer and warm when the temperature dips.
• The interior height is a very comfortable 6’4”.
• The shower head can be passed through the emergency exit to allow for outdoor showering or rinsing of guests, dogs or sports gear.
• The battery is high-quality, maintenance-free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) with over 200 amp/hr unit, which is durable and safer than standard batteries.
• The interior wood panels are hand-fitted, then removed and finished on all surfaces and hand-fitted again. All extra time to ensure any unwanted moisture stays at bay.
• The state-of-the-art seating fabric offers a beautiful, super-soft, luxurious washable surface that feels better than leather and is spill, stain, and pet resistant.
• The Sunbrella awning is 10 feet wide and sets up on either side.
• Energy-sipping LED lights are used throughout, extending battery life.
• Natural light is maximized wherever possible, through windows and translucent skylights (you’ll find two mid-cabin), so there’s little need to turn on lighting during the day.
• Every owner can name their Bowlus Road Chief on the fender skirt.

The Bathroom with a flushing toilet and extendable shower wand has teak wood flooring.

bowlus bathroom

BRC bathroom 2 IIHIH

The Kitchen has stainless countertops, wood flooring, a two burner stove, microwave, sink and prep area, storage and dining area:
Bowlus Road Chief

2022 RV

Bowlus Road Chief

The Dining Area has a table and upholstered seats with storage drawers under each. When collapsed, the area converts into the two twin beds and storage.

Bowlus Road Chief

Bowlus Road Chief

Bowlus Road Chief


The Sleeping Area has twin beds that can convert to a king bed swathed in luxury bedding.

Bowlus Road Chief


Upholstery options and other details:
Bowlus Road Chief

green leather interior


bowlus RV

For 2015, you can choose from three stunning interiors including Bristol Bay Blue, Kobuk Valley Saddle Brown or Red Rock Mineral Red or for an additional charge from over two dozen specially curated themes to ensure your Road Chief reflects your personal style.

bowlus road chief interior

Your Road Chief is delivered with a polished, mirror-shine exterior skin.


The interior is stunning wood and polished aluminum with stainless steel counter tops. Luxury bedding and a fully heated floor finishes off your interior experience. Outdoors, a Sunbrella awning moves easily side to side.


You’ll find on the reserve form a few extras like tool kits, cleaning kits and accessories for your consideration along with a fabulous Road Chief Concierge service so your first trip out will be a breeze.


THE PRICE: (subject to change)
The price of a 2015 Bowlus Road Chief curated in Bristol Bay Blue, Kobuk Valley Saddle Brown and Red Rock Mineral Red with white hotel style linens is $110,000 (subject to change). You may also consider commissioning a fully personalized Bowlus Road Chief curated with a wide selection of finishes for seating, linens and flooring.

Bowlus Road Chief

Bowlus Road Chief

This $130,000 model has a stunning large screened porch door and an additional roomy kitchen drawer. Finally a fully bespoke Bowlus Road Chief will soon be available.


Bowlus Road Chief

It’s very pricey but they don’t skimp on a single thing. Personal production means every aluminum panels is hand-cut, hand-drilled, and hand-fitted to each Road Chief, much like a custom tailored suit. The price tag includes having your trailer’s name etched in the wheel skirts.

name your bowlus

Bowlus Road Chief Video:

Made at a facility in Ventura County, California, every Bowlus Road Chief is expertly hand-built to order. Due to the high level of craftsmanship, production of your Road Chief is limited and available only by prior reservation. Pick up is Henderson, Nevada with delivery from Henderson to anywhere in the USA & Canada available at an additional charge.

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Bowlus Road Chief