The Super Bowl Spot That Pissed Off Puppy Lovers.

The 2015 Super Bowl spot for GoDaddy by creative agency Barton F. Graf 9000 that grabbed your attention with an adorable Golden Retriever puppy only to surprise you with a very unexpected ending, made the fur on many a dog-lover stand up. Petitions, articles and You Tube comments were so negative that Go Daddy caved and made the decision yesterday afternoon to pull the spot from the game. This dog-lover was truly surprised at the number of people outraged about this, because it was funny advertising for the internet registrar and web-hosting company. Read more

Super Smart Super Bowl Spot for Kia: The Perfect Getaway

Super Bowl Spot for Kia

Now here’s an example of a super smart Super Bowl spot. This extended version of the ad for the 2016 Kia Sorento by David & Goliath and starring Pierce Brosnan pokes fun at over-the-top Super Bowl ads while intelligently extolling the virtues of the vehicle. Read more

Playing In A Real Life Pac Man Game for Bud Light.

Real Life Pac Man Game for Bud Light

Who doesn’t love the idea of being able to play in a real life-sized Pac Man game? That “Old School Arcade Nostalgia” is exactly what this 2015 Super Bowl spot, Coin, for Bud Light is capitalizing upon. The 90 second commercial to air on the Championship Game by Energy BBDO continues Anheuser-Busch’s #UpForWhatever ad campaign by turning a Bar-goer, who is ‘up for whatever’ into a real life Pac Man. Wocka Wocka Wocka. Read more

The Controversy (and the Talent) Behind The Beautiful Farmer Commercial for Dodge Ram Trucks From The Super Bowl.

Farmer Commercial for Dodge Ram Trucks

One of the most memorable spots on yesterday’s Super Bowl – and one that has made it on most reviewers “Best Spots of the Super Bowl” lists – is also one which has been stirring up some controversy, at least amongst the ad community. Frankly, anyone outside of the advertising business could not care less, so I won’t be surprised if you’ve stopped reading this already. But back to the subject at hand. Read more

Bueller, Bulldogs & Beckham. A Look At 15 Of The Most Anticipated Super Bowl XLVI Commercials.

2012 Super Bowl Spots

The practice of leaking Super Bowl spots before the actual Game Day is growing. And at about $3.5 million dollars a spot, it’s no wonder big name brands are trying to get as much bang for their buck as possible. Read more

2011 Super Bowl XLV TV Spots: What To Expect [UPDATED]


As we get closer to the XLV Super Bowl, commercials that will air on the championship game are starting to leak onto the internet. Most of those advertising on the year’s most expensive media buy [$3 million for a 30 second spot] are no surprise, given they are the same brands that have been dominating the air time between the game for the past few years. But there are a few companies advertising on the game for the first time ever and some new faces shilling for old brands. Read more