2022 Super Bowl Spots Ranked by Popular Publications

2022 super bowl spots IIHIH

The 2022 Super Bowl Spots ranked by best, favorite or most buzzworthy have been published by everyone from USA Today to People Magazine. Loaded with celebrities – more this year than ever, the ads are always the talk of the day following the Championship game. While the same twenty or so commercials seem to have captured the attention of most, opinions as to which were the Best 5 or the Top 10, the Most Buzzworthy or The Most Memorable, varied.

2022 Super Bowl Spots Ranked by Top Publications

From bouncing QR codes for Coinbase to robotic dogs for KIA, celebrity bromances for Lay’s and rapping animals for Doritos, publications and journalists have published their favorites and here are a few of them for comparison.

Here’s the top 5 and the worst one, according to Fast Company:

amazon and chevy 2022 super bowl spots
Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson for Amazon; Jamie-Lynn Sigler for Chevy

10 Best as per Adweek:

Top 5 recording to Ad Age:

lindsay paul rudd seth rogen super bowl IIHIH
Lindsay Lohan for Planet Fitness; Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen for Lay’s

Top 10 according to USA Today’s Ad-meter:

The best according to the Today Show:

2022 super bowl spots ranked
Zendaya, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Guy Fieri – just a few of the many celebs schilling on the 2022 Super Bowl

As per The Washington Post:

As per the NY Post:

The best according to NPR:

sales force and coinbase super bowl spots
Matt McConaughey for Sales Force, a bouncing QR Code for Coinbase

According to People Magazine:

Here’s the best 5 according to It’s Nice That:

kia spots super bowl 2022
Kia’s Robotic Dog and Eugene Levy in “Thrill Ride”

Our personal favorite was the Uber Eats ad shown below: