Looks Like Art, Functions Like Furniture. Canvas by YOY.

Canvas by YOY of Tokyo and launched by Innermost, is a surreal collection of furniture that at first glance looks like flat art canvases. Read more

Teo Jasmin Digitally Printed Furniture Combine Artful Images With Classic Styles.

teo jasmin digitally printed furniture

It was time to do an update on the Teo Jasmin digitally printed furnishings for the home. Since the last time I shared her designs with you in Téo Jasmin’s Fun Photo Furnishings, she has added more new imagery and several new products to her line of home decor and handbags. Read more

Much To Many A Gamer’s Delight, Igor Chak’s Space Invaders Alien Couch Is Now A Reality

The Retro Alien Couch (modeled after the classic video game Space Invaders) by Igor Chak is now more than a concept (as you may recall from here) , it’s an actual sofa available for purchase. At least for a limited time. Read more

Furniture Made from Reindeer Parts (apologies to Rudolph).

reindeer benches

The “A Part from Reindeer” collection by Thailand’s Anon Pairot Design Studio are unique furniture designs which incorporate the body parts from reindeer. No, real reindeer were not killed for this project, but instead fiberglass casts of reindeer parts were painted either antique gold or black and made into the limited collection of benches and seats, which are available for purchase. Read more

Walrus, Octopus & Rhino Animal Chairs by Maximo Riero

animal chairs

The Animal Chair collection by Maximo Riero consists of a diverse range of species; an octopus, a whale, a rhino, a walrus, a lion and even a beetle. Read more

TRON Armchair Now Mass-Produced For Cappellini In 4 Colors & New Material.

In 2010 Cappellini And Walt Disney Signature Presented A Special Production Series of The TRON Armchair Designed By Dror Benshetrit For Design Miami 2010.

above: The prototype for Disney. Raw Data forms a jagged and angular landscape, serving as a muse for a chair that is comprised of intersecting layers and textures of ‘digital’ rock. Constructed of composite material consisting of impregnated fiberglass with polyester resin processed with manual layering, these Special Production Walt Disney Signature TRON Armchairs invite you to “sit off the grid.”

You may have read about these on such design sites as Core 77, Curated Mag and Design Milk. Their reports showed the Special Production Walt Disney Signature TRON Armchairs made of fiberglass and in gritty and unusual paint jobs such as these:

Initially made as a series of four “one-off” fibreglass prototypes, when it came to mass production Cappellini and Poltrona Frau went with four new colors and 100% recyclable material.

Giulio Cappellini plays on the contrasts suggested by the film; the contrast between the real world and the world of TRON:Legacy. Natural elements embody this juxtaposition, so the dark grey of the “stone”, and the white of the “air” represent the landscape of Tron and the safe house, while the light blue of “water” and the green of the “grass” represent the real world:

Cappellini & Walt Disney Signature

Conceived from the futuristic world of the Disney film “TRON: Legacy” and designed by Dror Benshetrit of Studio Dror, the Tron Armchair is a product profoundly inspired by material with features that are reminiscent of the rugged and rocky landscape which surrounds the digital world of TRON. Initially made as a series of four “one-off” fibreglass prototypes individually hand-finished by New York designer Dror Benshetrit (shown below in the chair).

Using the roto-molding technique, made of 100% recyclable material and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the armchair is now available in four different colors.

Designer Benshetrit talks about the mass-produced TRON Chair at the Milan Design Village, 2011:


From Virtual 3D To Reality: The Shelly Chair by Peter Donders

The Shelly Chair by Peter Donders

Belgium-based designer Peter Donders, who specializes in 3D Design, Modelling, Prototyping, Manufacturing & Visualisation, Furniture Design & Development has just released his newest chair in his Morphs collection. Using various software programs Peter designs his pieces on the computer in 3D and then fabricates them for the real world. Read more

Cutest Poufs You’ll Ever Sit On. Animal Tatos & Tatinos By Maurizio Galante.

Tatinos by Maurizio Galante

Designed by Maurizio Galante for Cerruti Baleri, these digitally photo-printed poufs, Tatinos, are available in an egg-shape (tato) or as a perfect sphere (tatino). Read more