Cutest Poufs You’ll Ever Sit On. Animal Tatos & Tatinos By Maurizio Galante.

Tatinos by Maurizio Galante

Designed by Maurizio Galante for Cerruti Baleri, these digitally photo-printed poufs, Tatinos, are available in an egg-shape (tato) or as a perfect sphere (tatino).

Tatinos by Maurizio Galante

Tatinos by Maurizio GalanteDigitally Printed Poufs by Maurizio Galante

Bunnies [perfect for the Chinese Year of The Rabbit]:





Tiger & Hippo Skulls:

Also designed by Maurizio, but not shown on the Cerruti Baleri site, are the Pink Flamingo and Bunch Of Snakes poufs:

The flexible seating or footrest is made of CFC-free flexible polyurethane, with an internal anatomical rigid structure and plastic base. Eight original photographic images printed on the bi-elastic technical-fabric cover. Each image is printed onto a different colour base and is offered only in that specific color.

tato: 65 x 44; h 41.5
tatino: ø 48.5; h 43.5

Maurizio Galante
Cerruti Baleri