Looks Like Art, Functions Like Furniture. Canvas by YOY.

Canvas by YOY of Tokyo and launched by Innermost, is a surreal collection of furniture that at first glance looks like flat art canvases.

Canvas by YOY

Canvas by YOY is a frame made of wood and aluminum. It is covered by an elastic fabric printed with texture of a canvas and a drawing of the furniture that can actually be used by merely leaning them against a wall.

Canvas by yoy 1 IIHIH

Innermost: The Making of Canvas Chair

More images, courtesy of Architonic and Innermost:

Only the Armchair and sofa are available for purchase.
ARMCHAIR 150cm high x 110cm wide
SOFA 130cm high x 200cm wide
Materials: Timber and synthetic fabrics
They say the products have been available to ship since January 2014.

Items can be ordered here
or Contact Innermost for more info

YOY of Tokyo

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