Teo Jasmin Furniture Combines Artful Images With Classic Styles.

teo jasmin digitally printed furniture

It’s time for an update on Teo Jasmin and her digitally printed furniture for the home. Since the last time I shared her designs with you in this past post, she’s added more new imagery and several new products to her line of home decor and handbags.

Her business and her inventory no longer contains furniture but instead predominantly sells digitally printed dressed up dogs and cats on small home items, such as cushions, tableware and fashion accessories.

Teo Jasmin Digitally Printed Furniture

Here are some of her more recent wonderful chairs, armchairs and settees which incorporate graffiti art, urban photography and hand-tinted vintage photography. She also has cushions, make up bags, handbags and stretched canvases in her online store.

Teo Jasmin Digitally Printed Setee

Graffiti printed sofa

graffiti printed armchair

Mickey Mouse setee

Mickey Mouse Teo Jasmin sofa

Skull Teo Jasmin Digitally Printed Furniture

Jim Morrison printed chair

Teo Jasmin Digitally Printed Furnishings

Teo Jasmin Digitally Printed Furniture

Teo Jasmin home decor

Teo Jasmin Digitally Printed Furniture

teo jasmin designs

As we mentioned above, Teo Jasmin no longer deals in furniture but instead sells digitally printed pets on home and fashion accessories such as throw pillows and lamps, slippers and other small items her online store here.