From Virtual 3D To Reality: The Shelly Chair by Peter Donders

The Shelly Chair by Peter Donders

Peter Donders Shelly Chair. Belgium-based designer Peter Donders, who specializes in 3D Design, Modelling, Prototyping, Manufacturing & Visualisation, Furniture Design & Development has just released his newest chair in his Morphs collection: Using various software programs Peter designs his pieces on the computer in 3D and then fabricates them for the real world.

Peter Donders Shelly Chair

Shelly Chair by Peter Donders

The chair is a beautiful single chair cast from one entire piece of aluminum and has an elegant fluidity with an interplay of organic curves that makes it stand out from other functional chairs.

cast aluminum Chair

Peter Donders Shelly Chair

organic shaped furniture

metal chair

Peter Donders Shelly Chair

Aluminium chair, cast in 1 piece in a 3D printed sand mould.
The chair consists of only 1 single surface (shell) with a minimum thickness of 8mm.
Weight +/- 12 kg

H : 962 mm
W: 579mm
D: 667mm
Price on demand.

If you are interested in purchasing the Shelly, contact him here.

above: designer Peter Donders atop his carbon fiber stone, another piece in his Morphs collection

Peter Donders