2016 Yule Log 2.0 : 30 Beautiful Animated Shorts

yule log 2.0 animated yule logs

Yule Log 2.0 is an annual collaborative effort in which various animation artists create short films that bring the traditional Yule Log into the digital age. This is the fourth year for the project and in addition to being a gift to the internet, it’s also a chance to make a difference. Read more

Nicolas Deveaux Makes Animals Do The Impossible.

Nicolas Deveaux Animal videos

Nicolas Deveaux, a graduate in animation from l’Ecole supérieure d’infographie, Supinfocom, first received attention with his charming short film “7 tonnes 2” which featured an impressively real-looking elephant jumping on a trampoline. He has since followed it up with high-diving giraffes and a slew of short ads seamlessly combining animals with sports. Read more

Infinite Symmetry and Vanishing Point by David Joosten

Infinite Symmetry and Vanishing Point

Showing at the 2014 Salone Del Mobile in Milan, Vanishing Point and Infinite Symmetry by David Joosten, are two unique video installations. Read more

The Saul Bass Google Doodle Tribute And All The Actual Title Sequences.

Saul Bass Google Doodle Tribute

I have long been a fan of late graphic designer Saul Bass and was thrilled to see today’s Google Doodle tribute to him on what would be his 93rd birthday. Read more

Motion 504 Creates A Truly Beautiful Sponsor Reel for AICP show

Motion 504 Sponsor Reel for AICP

Minneapolis broadcast design and animation studio motion504 recently completed the reception sponsor reel for the Minneapolis screening of the AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the American Commercial. It’s one of those incredible pieces of communication where everything falls into place. Read more

Designer Saul Bass Inspires YouTubers, Designers and More.

Designer Saul Bass
Designer Saul Bass (1920-1996) and some of his famous work

A look at the work of designer Saul Bass. From his well-known logo designs to his wonderfully designed title sequences for movies; as well as several pieces of work he has inspired by others. Read more