2016 Yule Log 2.0 : 30 Beautiful Animated Shorts

yule log 2.0 animated yule logs

Yule Log 2.0 is an annual collaborative effort in which various animation artists create short films that bring the traditional Yule Log into the digital age. This is the fourth year for the project and in addition to being a gift to the internet, it’s also a chance to make a difference.

2016 Yule Log 2.0

This year the people behind Yule Log 2.0 are raising funds to support Camp Interactive in the Bronx, NY, a place where kids can learn to code (and canoe). You can also donate here.

A jury of three selected 50 participants out of almost 1,000 applicants, 30 of which I have shown here (in no particular order).

All Yule Need is Log by Mercy Lomelin, David Szmit and Chris Solada:

Toasted by Megan Pelto:

Untitled by Bill Richards

Yule Love by Bee Hrandinetti

Meowy-cat-mas by Erin Kilkenny:

Yule Burn Your Sausage by Chris Anderson

Captains Log by Rafael Mayani and Conor Whelan

Smoke Signals by Daniel Savage:

Santapocalypse by Björn Johansson, Philip Engström and Neil Verhavert

When You Wish Upon A Racoon by Aran Quinn

Knotty Logs by Oddfellows

Coo Cute Cut Cool Log by Jorge R. Canedo Estrada and Claudio Salas

They Came Upon the Midnight Beer by Gunner

Boom Log by yelldesign pty ltd

Ring of Fire by Dark Igloo:

Off the Grid by Phil Borst

Work-Life Balance by Andy Kennedy:

Jump Log by Andreas Bjoern Hansen

Under the Stars with Spooky Friends by Stephanie Swart:

Knockin’ Stockins by Jay Quercia, Kavan Magsoodi and Stan Cameron:

Log Throwing Animation by Simon Appel, Design by Xoana Herrera:

Drag Yule to Hell by Josh Parker

A Traditional Christmas Eve by Parallel Teeth:

Play-scyule by Animade

Are Yule Afraid of the Dark? by Pedro Piccinini:

Baby on fire by Min Liu

Untitled by Kouchei Nakama

FFS Focus! by Alex Mapar

Holiday Transmissions by Juan Behrens

Do Yule Logs Dream of Enkindled Trees? by Gentleman Scholar:

See all of them here