Infinite Symmetry and Vanishing Point by David Joosten

Infinite Symmetry and Vanishing Point

Showing at the 2014 Salone Del Mobile in Milan, Vanishing Point and Infinite Symmetry by David Joosten, are two unique video installations.

Infinite Symmetry and Vanishing Point

The first, Infinite Symmetry (2012), was Joosten’s graduate project for the Photography department of the Royal Academy of Art. This video installation is the point of departure in a search for perfection deriving from Joosten’s fascination with the untouchable qualities of a symmetrical face, posture, movement and rhythm. He was inspired by the mathematical exactness of DaVinci’s Vetruvian Man. Symmetry and beauty take center stage in this installation.

The sequel, Vanishing Point (2014), shows a darker and more oppressive image: perfection can also be destructive and ask for sacrifices. The unending loops in Inifite Symmetry give way to the infinity of the vanishing point in the following four moving symmetrical portraits. By navigating the borders of photography and film David Joosten makes moving photographs that have no beginning or end.

Credits for Infinite Symmetry:
Camera, Edit and Set design David Joosten
Styling: Manouk Hasebos
Make-up and Hair: Hanny van Snippenberg
Models: Sarah at ELVIS Models, Lucas at 77 Models and Felix
Clothes by (in order of appearance): You Wie, Hellen van Rees, Walter Van Beirendonck, Manouk Hasebos, Bastian Visch
Music Lawrence English: Watching It Unfold
Special thanks to Jan, Robbe, Rob, Paul, Wim at AR Lab, Joachim, Bas, Malou, Jolien, Geertje, Teun, Maakhaven, Warenhuis HOOP

About the artist:
David Joosten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
David Joosten recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He works with a variety of media like photography, film and animation. His style is best described as having a strong graphic aesthetic. He is always looking for the perfect balance, composition, movement and sound in a movie or moving picture. He transforms reality through physical and digitally created set design and by this creating his own world and reality.

His work was shown in GEM Museum of Contemporary Art in The Hague, Pien Rademakers Gallery and during Dutch Design Week. He worked for clients such as Pauw, Supertrash, Cora Kemperman, Expresso Fashion, Red Magazine and Scapa Sports.

all images and information courtesy of David Joosten and Unit