Modern Mansion With Vegas Interior and Bahamas Backyard

Paul McClean Mascolo Estate

The Paul McClean Mascolo Estate is another jaw-dropping home now on the market for those with FU money. It’s got a flashy interior and an extraordinary pool – a lazy river outfitted with a Palm island. Read more

Stunning Hollywood Home by Standard Architecture

standard architecture forest knoll residence

The new Forest Knoll Residence, an 11,184 square foot home in the Hollywood Hills inspired by architect Louis Kahn’s Kimbell Art Museum, is just gorgeous. Designed by Architects Silvia Kuhle and Jeffrey Allsbrook of Standard Architecture, the three gabled home is filled with light, white oak and travertine flooring. Read more

The Liquidity House With Transparent Pool by Barnes Coy

Liquidity House With Transparent Pool

Liquidity is the name given to this enormous 12,000 square foot house by Barnes Coy Architects. In addition to the sheer size and the giant panels of glass that make up the facades, the open deck and transparent swimming pool make the home truly distinct. Read more

The Collywood House, An Uncharacteristically Olson Kundig Home in Los Angeles

Olson Kundig Collywood House

What really surprised me about this new home was not the outrageous size or intimidating asking price of $62 million, that’s become the price of entry for a mansion in LA these days, but the architecture firm behind it. It was designed by Olson Kundig, a firm whose work we’ve shared with you five times for their beautiful designs. However, this 15,642 sq.ft. home is uncharacteristically outrageous for the usually tasteful Seattle, Washington based firm. Read more

The Drop Dead, To Die For Doheny Residence by Paul McClean

Doheny Residence by Paul McClean

If you follow home, real estate and architecture blogs, you may have seen several outrageously large homes in Southern California by “Architect to the Billionaires” Paul McClean. He’s the designer behind the most expensive spec homes ever built such as The “Opus House” and the yet to be completed $500,000,000 spec home under construction by developer Nile Niami. Read more

House 2000м2 is a Huge Eclectic Modern Home In The Ukraine

House 2000M2 by Yakusha Design

House 2000m2 by Yakusha Design is a five story 2,000 sqm residence (that’s 21,528 square feet) created for a family of six that mixes traditional, playful and sophisticated styles for an unusual exterior and interior design. Read more

This Portugal Villa Has One Of The Wildest Pools You’ll Ever See.

Casa Vale de Lobo

This 6,540 sq. foot modern villa, which resides on the Vale do Lobo golf course in Southern Portugal, has a very unusual suspended or cantilevered spill-over pool that creates a reflecting pool beneath it. Designed by Arqui+, the home was designed to focus on the pool which can be seen from almost any point within the interior. Read more

Ultra Modern Angular Mulholland Home With Spillover Pool.

Modern Mulholland Home by Domaen

Located high up in the hills of Hollywood is this 5,400 square foot ultra modern private residence on Mulholland Drive. The large angular home was built from the ground up in 2010 by Domaen, who was responsible for the architectural design, exterior & interior design, project management and fabrication. Read more