Fast Food Restaurants Serve Up Jigsaw Puzzles During Quarantine

Fast Food branded jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have been the product of choice for families and the isolated everywhere during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. So much so, that many of the best jigsaw puzzles have sold out already. Given the potential for branding that won’t be thrown in the trash or digested by stomach acids, it makes perfect sense that fast food restaurants have begun offering their own. Here’s a look at McDonald’s, Heinz Ketchup and Arby’s puzzles. Read more

Follow The Arches Campaign for McDonald’s

Ad agency Cossette of Canada deconstructed the classic Golden Arches to create a striking graphic and informative Follow The Arches campaign for McDonald’s. Read more

From Waste to Wow: McDCouture Collection Created From McDonald’s Packaging.

McDCouture Collection

Students from the Miami International University of Art and Design were challenged to design an original fashion collection made entirely from the fast food chain’s packaging. Read more

The Return of McD’s Hamburglar – The Way It SHOULD Have been Done.

The OG Hamburglar

It has only recently begun airing, so you may not be familiar with the fact that McDonald’s has resurrected the Hamburglar, a character we haven’t seen since 2002, as the fast-food chain’s latest Mascot hawking their new sirloin burger. Read more

The McDonalds BagTray Is An Ingenious Invention.

McDonalds BagTray

The BagTray is an inventive solution to make eating McDonald’s “To Go” or “Takeaway” more convenient. Created by ad agency DDB Budapest in an effort to create a positive new way to refresh the take-out food experience, the bag in which your food is packaged has a built-in tray at the base. Read more

McDonald’s Serves Up The Big Mac Lifestyle Collection.

Big Mac Lifestyle Collection

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has launched a lifestyle collection featuring their flagship burger, the Big Mac. Printed upon thermals, rainwear, bedding and even a dog coat, the fun collection benefits the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Read more

New App and French Fry Boxes. Marvelous McDonald’s Marketing for the 2014 World Cup.

McDonald's Marketing for the 2014 World Cup

One of the best commercials touting the upcoming World Cup is part of a creative and inspiring larger digital push by McDonald’s. Read more

Fashion You Can Sink Your Teeth Into. Moschino’s 2014 Flavorful Fall Winter Collection by Jeremy Scott.

above: detail of the wedding dress in the collection

Whether you call it Fashion with Flavor or Culinary Couture, the 2014 Fall Winter RTW collection from Italian brand Moschino has zero trans fats and lots of humor. Processed and packaged goods are turned into couture gowns and dresses, McDonald’s and Milk are the inspiration for suits, handbags and shoes. Read more