The McDonald’s BagTray Is An Ingenious Invention.

McDonald's Bag Tray

The McDonald’s BagTray is an inventive solution to make eating McDonald’s “To Go” or “Takeaway” more convenient. Created by ad agency DDB Budapest in an effort to create a positive new way to refresh the take-out food experience, the bag in which your food is packaged has a built-in tray at the base.

McDonald’s Bag Tray

McDonald's BagTray

The McDonald’s BagTray is a clever invention: a perforated kraft paper bag whose top portion can be easily torn away in one simple movement – leaving the bottom red portion of the bag to function as a tray for your food.

McDonald's BagTray

McDonald's BagTray

As the client-agency team stated: they hope this little idea will help McDonald’s to refresh the takeaway experience, so people can enjoy the convenience of a tray even if they have their burger in the car, in a park or in the office.

Unfortunately, this only seems to exist in Hungary. So far.

McDonald’s BagTray Video:

McDonald’s BagTray Credits:

Agency: DDB Budapest
Chief Creative Officer: Péter Tordai
Head of Art/Art director: Guilherme Somensato
Copywriter: Vera Länger, Giovanni Pintaude
Illustrator: Adrián Bajusz
Product Designer: Márk Dávid
Animation: Réka Horányi, Anita Kolop
Business Director: Judit Majosi
Account/Producer: Rozália Szigeti