McDonald’s Big Mac Inventor Dies But The Burger Lives On In The Big Mac Shop.

Big Mac Burger Products

Big Mac inventor, Michael “Jim” Delligatti, has gone to the Golden Arches in the sky. Passing away at the age of 98, he created the legendary burger for McDonald’s 50 years ago when wanting a larger option for his customers. The burger has not only been a flagship for the brand but has spawned an official Big Mac Shop selling its likeness on helmets, sleeping bags, raincoats and more.

image courtesy of McDonald’s

The Big Mac Shop

What better way would there be to honor Mr. Delligatti than to wrap yourself in the warmth of a Big Mac Sleeping bag or to sport a Big Mac Ski Helmet when flying down the slopes?

The fast food chain’s online store sells an odd collection of Big Mac embellished products, now evolved from the initial launch of the Big Mac Lifestyle Collection. The signature burger, the Big Mac with two all-beef patties, “special sauce,” lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun can be found on the following wearables and home goods.

Big Mac Ski Helmet:

Big Mac Board Shorts:
big mac apparel

Big Mac Wellington Boots / Rain Boots / Galoshes:
big mac wellies

Big Mac Raincoat:
big mac raincoat

Big Mac Training Tights:
big mac leggings

Big Mac Sleeping Bag (this appears to have replaced the Big Mac Bedding):
big mac burger sleeping bag

Big Mac Thermals:
mcdonalds big mac long uderwear

Big Mac Dog Coat:
big mac dog coat

Big Mac Wallpaper
big mac wrapping paper

Long Live The Big Mac and May Michael “Jim” Delligatti Rest In Peace.

The Big Mac Collection is a limited edition range sold exclusively online at They currently accept orders from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and most other European countries.

Any profit McDonald´s makes from the Big Mac Shop will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which aims to make life easier for seriously ill children and their families. Administrative costs associated with the Big Mac Shop will be covered by the sales.

Shop The Big Mac Collection here

all images and information courtesy of McDonald’s, unless otherwise noted