Fast Food Restaurants Serve Up Jigsaw Puzzles During Quarantine

Fast Food branded jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have been the product of choice for families and the isolated everywhere during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. So much so, that many of the best jigsaw puzzles have sold out already. Given the potential for branding that won’t be thrown in the trash or digested by stomach acids, it makes perfect sense that fast food restaurants have begun offering their own. Here’s a look at McDonald’s, Heinz Ketchup and Arby’s puzzles.

Fast Food Branded Jigsaw Puzzles

FAST FOOD branded jigsaw puzzles

Heinz 57 Ketchup Puzzle
Heinz ketchup puzzle

To help ketchup lovers in self-isolation, Heinz is giving away 57 Ketchup Puzzles in 17 countries around the world and 57 Canadians will have the chance to win one.

heinz 570 piece puzzle

The Heinz Ketchup has 570 pieces- a nod to the ketchup’s name- in all identical Heinz red, making it quite possible the slowest puzzle ever.

heinz ketchup puzzle

Created by Canadian agency Rethink, the only way to get one is to follow @Heinz_ca on Instagram and comment on the post sharing who you wish you could finish the puzzle with for your chance to win 1 of 57 puzzles. (CNW Group/Kraft Heinz Canada)

McDonald’s Burger Puzzle
mcdonalds puzzle TBWA

McDonald’s Belgium found a way, with the help of TBWA Belgium, to bring the brand into homes during the pandemic by giving away 500-piece burger puzzles to some brand fans who posted about them on social media.

burger puzzle

mcdonalds burger puzzle

Like the Heinz Ketchup puzzle, you can only score this one through their Social Media as well. And only if you’re in Belgium.

Arby’s 13 Hour Puzzle
Arby's jigsaw puzzle

Arby’s 13 Hour Puzzle is a nod to their Arby’s Classic 13-Hour Smoke Brisket. The 1,000 piece puzzle features lots of Arby’s meats, sandwiches and curly fries.

Arbys 13 hour puzzle

Unlike the two aforementioned puzzles, the Arby’s puzzle one can be pre-ordered online here