Songdo House by Architect-K Combines Home and Gallery

Songdo House by Architect-K

The Songdo House by Architect-K is a modern masterpiece of exposed concrete, volcanic rock, glass and wood. The enormous private residence, just under 18,000 sqft, includes a public gallery and redefines interior space with a mass of corridors and staircases. Read more

The Pixel House by Slade Architecture + Mass Studies

The Pixel House

This 1200 square foot home in South Korea likens bricks to pixels to result in an unusual looking private home. Read more

Modern South Korean Home Design is Based on Feng Shui Principles.

Ssangdairi House

The Ssangdalri House by Hyunjoon Yoo Architects was designed for a couple in their early fifties who moved to a rural area from the city when the wife was diagnosed with cancer. Both the site of the house and its design were chosen based on Feng Shui which dictated the locations of each room and the views. Read more

Modern Architecture Expressed In A Korean Home With A Cantilevered Roof.


Ga On Jai, a modern and unusual home with a large open courtyard and a cantilevered roof in Korea by IROJE KHM Architects. Read more