Burberry’s Undulating Mirrored Pop-Up Space in Jeju Island

burberry's imagined landscapes Jeju

The Burberry brand has an ongoing series of global immersive pop-ups, usually a temporary space in an existing shopping mall or department store filled with Burberry products. With their latest, Burberry’s Imagined Landscapes Jeju, an undulating mirrored structure located in South Korea, they’ve aimed to blur the lines between nature and technology, showcasing their products as well as other media in a building designed to emulate the brand’s pioneering spirit and connection to the outdoors.

Burberry’s Imagined Landscapes Jeju

burberry jeju island pop up space
photo credit: Burberry

Burberry’s Imagined Landscapes Jeju is a topographic mirrored sculpture that rises from the landscape, sculpted by architectural contour lines inspired by maps.

burberry jeju overhead pop up space
photo credit: Burberry
photo credit: Burberry

The reflective curvalinear surfaces stand in stark contrast to its surroundings, but once inside visitors enter an innovative space where the digital and physical collide – including three immersive films by a trio of artists: Maotik, Cao Yuxi, and Lia Jiayuan, each rooted in the great outdoors.

burberry jeju island pop up space cu
photo credit: Burberry

Each artist created unique virtual worlds that visitors can interact with and get lost in through the surrounding screens.

jeju landscape burberry
photo credit: Burberry

The digitally projected images of nature projected on the interior walls make you feel immersed in the outdoors.

burberry immersive room
photo credit: Burberry

Of course, you can shop Burberry’s latest fashions there as well.

inside burberry space jeju island
photo credit: Burberry

As part of Burberry’s ongoing commitment to lead positive environmental change, they will support the continuing preservation of Jeju Island through a five-year partnership with the non-profit organization Jeju Olle Foundation. The partnership will help to preserve the island’s natural beauty and allow continued access for the public.

photo credit: Burberry

The installation actually ends today, December 12th, which covers Jeju Island’s transition from autumn to winter.

Images and information courtesy of Burberry, Wallpaper and Lifestyle Asia