Lucian Freud Remembered. Images of (and links to) his Astounding Work.

Lucian Freud paintings
Lucian Freud self-portrait (one of many), Reflection, 2005

British realist, figurative and portrait painter Lucian Freud, who was one of the greatest artists of our time, passed away at the age of 88 on July 20th.

Lucian Freud Remembered

photo by david montgomery
photo of Lucian Freud by David Montgomery
a young lucian freud
a young Lucian Freud in his studio (photographer unknown)

The grandson of the ‘Father of Pyschoanalysis,’ Sigmund Freud, Lucian was well-known and critically acclaimed for his prolific work. Many of his paintings have broken art auction records and he was greatly respected by both fellow artists, instructors, critics and the art-savvy public.

Lucian Freud's Reflection (a self-portrait) with two children
Lucian Freud’s Reflection (a self-portrait) with two children
photo of Lucian Freud working at night by David Dawson, 2005
Lucian Freud working at night by David Dawson, 2005

There have been many wonderful articles, documentaries, blog posts and more written on artist Lucian Freud (occasionally spelled Lucien). For that reason, I won’t go into depth about his career but will share some links to interesting articles and several images of some of his paintings (please note that his drawings and etchings are equally superb and compelling). There are additional links at the end of this article so you can peruse his vast and impressive repertoire.

Portrait of Harry Diamond:
portrait of harry diamond
Portrait of David Hockney:
Lucian freud portrait of david hockney
photo of Hockney and Lucian Freud in Freud’s atelier:
photo of Hockney and Lucian Freud in Freud's atelier
Portrait of Francis Bacon:
lucian freud Portrait of Francis Bacon
Father and Daughter:
lucian freud, Father and Daughter
Interior (after Watteau):
Lucian Freud, Interior (after Watteau)
Interior in Paddington:
lucian freud, Interior in Paddington
Portrait of the Queen:
lucian freud, Portrait of the Queen
Bella and Esther:
lucian freud, Bella and Esther

He captured himself, friends, family, fellow artists and a few famous folks (Jerry Hall, Kate Moss and more) in portraits he referred to as “naked’ rather than nude. Often immortalized as sleeping or reclining, his thick brush strokes and energetic style were unmistakable. In his own words he “turned paint into flesh” and in the following selection of portraits, that is clearly visible.

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping:
Benefits Supervisor Sleeping
Naked portrait with reflection:
Naked portrait with reflection
Two different portraits of Leigh Bowery:
portrait of Leigh Bowery
second portrait of Leigh Bowery
photo of Leigh Bowery’s sitting for Freud:

An homage to Cezanne:
An homage to Cezanne
Eight Months Gone, a portrait of a pregnant Jerry Hall:
Eight Months Gone, a portrait of a pregnant Jerry Hall
his portrait of model Kate Moss:
freud portrait of Kate Moss
Lucian Freud with muse (one of several) Kate Moss:
kate moss and lucian freud
The Painter Surprised by a Naked Admirer:
The Painter Surprised by a Naked Admirer

Lucian Freud was also a dog lover – he owned two beloved whippets named Pluto and Eli- and many of his portraits coupled himself and friends with dogs, like those shown below:

Lucian Freud, 2005, by photographer David Dawson
image of Lucian Freud, 2005, by photographer David Dawson

Girl with White Dog:
Girl with White Dog
Guy and Speck:
Guy and Speck
Guy with Speck:
Guy with Speck
Eli and David:
Eli and David
David and Eli:
David and Eli
Portrait with whippet:
Portrait with whippet
Double Portrait:
Double Portrait
Double Portrait:
lucian freud's paintings of dogs
Triple Portrait:


Since his recent passing, many articles have appeared, here are just a few:

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• The Daily Mail asks Did Lucian Freud Love his Art More Than His Children? in this article about his personal life.

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Rest in Peace Lucian Freud