Ocean Tables Will Make You Feel Like You Live At The Beach

ocean tables by Vrogers Design

Vanessa Rogers of Vrogers Designs is an Austin-based artist and carpenter whose custom and refurbished furniture embellished with ocean waves is unique, inviting and beautiful. Read more

Cute & Comforting Plushie Poufs We Could All Use Right Now.

Bombarded with daily press conferences, briefings and frightening facts surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic, we find ourselves seeking comfort. Comfort food. Comfort TV. Comfort clothes. Now we may have now found the perfect furniture to comfort your nerves as well: Animal Plushie Poufs. Read more

Vintage Chairs Embellished With Stuffed Animals

Vintage Stuffed Animal Chairs on if its hip its here

The AP brand, founded in 2015 in Brussels, has brought a new pop-art concept to the luxury market. They design, manufacture, produce and distribute exclusive quality art furniture embellished with plush stuffed animals and animal skins. Cute and comfort are combined with innovation in both style and technology to ensure products that combine tradition with a contemporary approach. Read more

The American Pipe Dream Chair by BRC Designs

american pipe dream chair front

The American Pipe Dream Chair by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell of BRC Designs is a one of a kind armchair whose frame is composed of half inch copper tubing. Read more

Archibird Combination Birdcage and Console Table by Gregoire de Laforrest.

Archibird Combination Birdcage and Console Table

Made of bleached oak, stainless steel cables and glass ‘Archibird’ is the blending of sculpture and furniture. A one-off piece by designer and architect Gregoire de Lafforest, the birdcage (which functions as such complete with small washing pool, eating area and the ability to be opened for cleaning) is integrated into a bleached oak wood console table. Read more

Lake Washington Shores Pavilion House Blends Cement, Steel and Woods To Create A Showcase For Art.

Lake Washington Shores Pavilion House

This 6,800 sq. ft home is a collaborative effort between by architect Jim Olson of Olson Kundig Architects, and interior designer/ furniture designer Garret Cord Werner. The home goes by a couple of names depending on with whom you speak. Olson Kundig refer to it as The Pavilion House, while Garret Cord Werner calls it The Lake Washington Shores Art House. Regardless of the name, the breathtaking structure merges the exterior & interior spaces to provide a seamless environment with the northwest landscape. Read more

Dressing Up Your Drawers With Classic Silhouettes From Ypsilon.

Ypsilon Custom dressers

Ypsilon of Italy is known for their luxurious bathroom furnishings, most of which are chests of drawers and vanities in an ornate style. However, they’ve added the Ypsilon POP collection, designed by BB Associati for the brand. The free standing laquered wood chests of drawers feature fun colors and imagery, combining a 70’s pop art element with a classic silhouette. Read more

Thermochromic Table Lets You Make Your Mark. Temporarily.

thermochromic table by jay watson

The Thermochromic Table has a unique finish that reacts to heat from humans and objects by temporarily disappearing, revealing the wood beneath. Read more