Cute & Comforting Plushie Poufs We Could All Use Right Now.

plush animal poufs

Bombarded with daily press conferences, briefings and frightening facts surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic, we find ourselves seeking comfort. Comfort food. Comfort TV. Comfort clothes. Now we may have now found the perfect furniture to comfort your nerves as well: Animal Plushie Poufs.

Animal Plushie Poufs

plush pony pouf

Who doesn’t need a big, cozy hug right about now? To be enveloped in softness and a sense of security? A place to hide from the big, bad, ugly world outside and curl up among soft baby seals and ponies?

baby seals fluffy ball
detail from the Snow Seals Pouf XL

These limited edition, custom made poufs and ottomans with cute plushies are from the AP brand behind the Vintage Chairs Embellished with Stuffed Animals we introduced you to a few years ago. Like those, these provide you with the physical comfort of a soft squishy hug and the emotional support reminiscent of clutching your favorite childhood toy.

furniture made with plush stuffed animals
above and below: Pouf XL Grizzly, polyester plushies. handmade, metal, textile fabrics, Icelandic sheepskin, Handmade in Belgium, 125x90x58, limited edition of 10
made with stuffed animals

The inviting pieces of home furniture, called fluffy balls or poufs, are literally topped with soft stuffed plush animals like bunny rabbits, ponies, snow seals, polar bears, flamingos, grizzly bears, sheep, squirrels and more. Depending upon the size, they can be used as chairs for one or more, foot stools or to just hug on.

The XL poufs are oval and measure approximately 125x90x58. Limited to editions of 10, 30 or 100 pieces depending upon the design.

Polar Bears:
plush polar bear pouf

Grey Rabbit:
grey plush rabbit ottoman

Snow Seals:
plush snow seals

Pink Flamingo:
pink flamingos

sheep plushie ottoman

Plushies horse pouf

The pieces are hand-stitched in Belgium using premium quality fabrics; Tibetan, Icelandic and New Zealand sheepskin with AP designed bases of wood and metal. The polyester animal plushies applied on each creation are handmade and especially adapted for the AP Collection.

A(lexis) & P(auline) of the AP Collection
A(lexis) & P(auline) of the AP Collection

The Mini poufs are round fluffy balls and measure approximately 50x65x65. Limited to editions of 10, 30 or 100 pieces depending upon the design.

Grey Rabbit:
grey rabbit pouf

ladybug ottoman

plush squirrel ottoman

Pink Flamingo:
pink flamingo pouf

White Bunny:
white rabbit pouf

The only thing that may not make you comfortable is the price. These pieces start in the thousands of dollars. Learn more at their website.

Click here for some of the stores worldwide which carry their products

The AP Collection