Thermochromic Table Lets You Make Your Mark. Temporarily.

thermochromic table by jay watson

The Thermochromic Table has a unique finish that reacts to heat from humans and objects by temporarily disappearing, revealing the wood beneath.

Thermochromic Table

The thermographic finish on this table and bench designed by Jay Watson of Oxfordshire reacts to heat by going clear temporarily to expose the timber beneath. It leaves an interesting ghostly print of either body parts or dinnerware for a brief amount of time. Makes for great dinner table conversation.

thermochromic table thermochromic table thermochromic table thermochromic table thermochromic table

Handmade from solid European oak with a black thermochromic finish. In response to heat the surface temporarily goes clear to reveal the timber beneath. Suitable for heavy duty indoor use. Made in the UK.

Black on solid European Oak.
Other colors & timbers available on request
Table 200cm x 85cm x 73cm high
Seat 180cm x 30cm x 43cm high
Low table 120cm x 80cm x 42cm
£1 850.00 including VAT
(£1 541.67 excluding VAT)
6 – 8 weeks

Jay Watson Design

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