Cubist Upholstered Furniture by Hannes Grebin

Cozy Collection by Hannes Grebin

The Cozy Collection is a group of cubistic upholstered furniture designed by Hannes Grebin that unexpectedly manages to combine angular planes with comfort. Modern in design and traditional in craftsmanship, the seating collection is truly functional art.

Cozy Collection by Hannes Grebin

cozy collection sofa

Ordinarily when we see furniture designers play with sharp angles and geometric planes, they do so with coffee tables, kitchen islands or metal chairs. Rarely do we see a successful synthesis of angular and plush. Enter the Cozy Collection, cubistic upholstered furniture from Berlin-based designer Hannes Grebin for Todd Merrill Studio. The three pieces in the Cozy Collection combine cubistic shapes and geometric silhouettes with silk velvet upholsteries and expert craftsmanship.

cozy chair overhead

Pushing traditional domestic decor, Grebin applied the principals of Cubism to his design, deconstructing traditional “family room furniture” and reconstructing it into geometric shapes and interlocking planes.

cozymodern furniture collection

Cozy Chair

The centuries old “Wing back armchair” gets a modern makeover with Grebin’s faceted planes.

cubistic armchairhanes grebin design

The Cozy Chair is simultaneously imposing and inviting in its deconstructed form. Covered in plush gold or olive silk velvet gives the piece a throne-like quality.

todd merrill studio hanes grebincozy chair

Cozy Sofa
modern sofa

The Cozy Sofa Straight is the most sculptural of the three pieces with multiple projecting planes and beautiful cast bronze legs.

bauhaus furniture
german sofa

A true piece of functional art, it looks different from every angle, but also looks perfect for a Saturday afternoon nap.

Cozy L-Shaped Sofa
cozy l-shaped sofa

The Cozy L-Shaped Sofa is the one that least strays from its traditional form, a good thing in a piece so large.

It maintains the cubism-inspired design with its angular planes, but it has a more subtle silhouette allowing it to mix with more traditional pieces or in a more traditional environment.

The Cozy Collection is all built by hand with beech wood frames. Specific dimensions may be available upon request.

Options for the legs include the cast bronze legs designed and created by Markus Haase (as shown below) or cast stainless steel, wood with bronze or brass sabots.

Grebin, the son of two architects notes on the Todd Merill site, “Ultimately, I didn’t want to make just furniture. It was much more important for me that although all objects function, the design objects should become objects for discussion, in order to lead the theoretical design discourse to new ways and approaches.”

Grebin’s innovative design work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Design Milk, The National, Apartment Therapy, Curbed among others.

Cozy Collection by Hanes Grebin