Vintage Chairs Embellished With Stuffed Animals

Vintage Stuffed Animal Chairs on if its hip its here

The AP brand, founded in 2015 in Brussels, has brought a new pop-art concept to the luxury market. They design, manufacture, produce and distribute exclusive quality art furniture embellished with plush stuffed animals and animal skins. Cute and comfort are combined with innovation in both style and technology to ensure products that combine tradition with a contemporary approach.

Vintage Chairs Embellished With Stuffed Animals

Vintage Chairs Embellished With Stuffed Animals
The Flamingo Chair

The AP Collection – The chairs, benches and settees used in the production of these were originally produced by various designers (Geoffrey Harcourt , Pierre Paulin , Theo Ruth ) for Artifort in the 50s and 60s and were revived by Belgians Alexis Verstraeten and Pauline Montironi of AP.

The Penguin Chair

Alexis Verstraeten and Pauline Montironi are bringing back to life some of the most well known vintage furniture with the utmost care and guaranteed by production techniques whose sole reference points are tailoring and Belgian hand made manufacturing tradition.

Alexis Verstraeten and Pauline Montironi

In addition the plush animals, several of the chairs, sofas and benches have Icelandic Sheep’s wool, various animals skins, leathers and suedes.

Magical Unicorn Chair

Snow Seal Chair
Cowboy Sea Turtle Chair
Buffalo bench

The two give each of the vintage chairs embellished with stuffed animals its own emotion, trend and design – meaning that every piece will be unique. They offer some of the most prestigious vintage furniture in a new stylish, trendy and labored product in order to create the one and only art piece the world has to offer.

The Leon (peacocks) Chair, back view
The Leon (peacocks) Chair, front and profile
The Bunny Chair
Rocky Racoon Chair
Blue Cloud Chair
Koala Bears Chair
Miss Frog chair and ottoman
Sonic Chair (hedgehogs)
The Manga Chair
The Hunter (wild boars) Chair
Another variation of the Wild Boar chair

The AP chair collection, designed for the launch of the company, features exclusive products for boutiques, museums, luxury hotels, art galleries and events, located in the world’s most prestigious areas. Supposedly each chair will have its own Charity program according to the animal it carries.

Seals Nest Chair
The Seal Couch
Pandas Settee

The AP chair collection is the first step for the AP Brand but they intend to include various side projects following the same concept of bringing back to life customized and vintage items, such as the awesome flamingo tub and grizzly bench shown below.

The plush flamingo embellished bathtub is a one-off
Grizzly Bench

The Group intends to operate in various geographical areas for its launch.

Visit the AP Collection here.
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