Moms Can Dream, Right? Control Toys For Out of Control Kids.

Everyone has a mother. We don’t choose them and they can range from wonderful to wicked. It’s pretty much luck of the draw. But even the Mom with the best-behaved children could use a break every now and then which is why it’s too bad that these hilarious parody products for parents aren’t actually the real thing. Read more

RENDA – Perforated Metal Furniture Inspired by Lace Embroidery.

Inspired by Brazilian embroidery, the RENDA collection of perforated metal furniture by Bianco Barbato Design casts shadows as cool as the products themselves. Read more

Can You Find The Exploited Child In These Fashion Ads?

Abrinq Foundation Ads

They’re actually not fashion ads at all but an effort to bring the abuse of Child Labor in Brazil to your attention. The Abrinq Foundation (Fundação Abrinq) has launched this print campaign of five ads that, at first glance, look like typical fashion industry advertisements, but upon closer inspection, reveal children “trapped” within the fabric. Read more

Like a Tree House For Jesus, A Chapel On Stilts.

Residencial Capela Joá

The Residencial Capela Joá by Bernardes Arquitetura appears like a religious tree house. Built on stilts and suspended above the affluent Joá neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, the chapel’s rectangular glass structure emanates a mystical orange glow from between the branches of its tropical surroundings. Read more

A Modern Cube Home in Brazil Is The Perfect Showcase For Contemporary Art

 int 11 IIHIH

Casa Cubo is a 715 m² cube shaped home in São Paulo, split into three levels connected by a spiral staircase. Designed by architect Isay Weinfeld, the home was commissioned by a couple of art collectors and was conceived to house a lodging and support center for artists and the development of the arts, but with all the necessary facilities to serve as a home. Read more

A Stunning Two Minute Film From Brazil Celebrates 100 Years of Leica

100 years of leica

This beautifully produced short film, created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Leica brand, brings many of the most iconic photographic images you’ve ever seen, elegantly to life. Read more

The Skol Ice Pack: A Six Pack of Beer In A Portable Block Of Ice Welcomes Russian Tourists to The World Cup.

skol ice pack

The Skol Ice Pack. For Skol Beer, F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi of Sao Paulo, Brazil came up with this cool – well, freezing – idea. To package six packs of Skol beer in portable blocks of frozen ice (that don’t freeze the beer) and distribute it to Russian tourists in Cuiabá, one of the hottest capitals of Brazil, to remind the European World Cup fans of their harsh winters back home. Read more

A Tiny But Terrific Prefab Home In Brazil by Architect Alex Nogueira

Prefab House 12.20

The Prefab House 12.20 in Campo Grande, Brazil by Alex Nogueira Read more