RENDA – Perforated Metal Furniture Inspired by Lace Embroidery.

Renda Perforated Metal Furniture

Inspired by Brazilian embroidery, the RENDA collection of perforated metal furniture by Bianco Barbato Design casts shadows as cool as the products themselves.

Renda Perforated Metal Furniture

Renda Perforated Metal Furniture

The RENDA series was inspired by the Brazilian handcraft of lace embroidery. Using laser cutting techniques on folded metal, the resulting hollow forms of the material create an interesting lace-like pattern and cast unique shadows.

cool chair

The pieces are then finished in copper, bronze or electrostatic white paint.

The Chair:
metal lace chair

Chair with Cushion:

The Ottoman (Pufe):
lace metal ottoman

bronze metal outdoor furniture

Lounge chair with ottoman:
metal outdoor furniture



Year: 2015
Material: carbon steel with a copper finish, brass finish or eletrostatic white paint version.

• Lounge chair 40 (seat H), x 53 (W) x 56 (L) cm
• Side table, ottoman 40 (H) x 53 (W) x 53 (L) cm
• Chair 47 (seat H) x 47 (W) x 47 (L) cm
* Inox steel version upon request


poltrona metal lace sofa

metal lace armchair

Bianca used this same technique when participating in Brazil Artefacto’s Poltrona Austin. A challenge for the brand’s 40th anniversary that asked ten designers to reinterpret the Austin Armchair.

Material: carbon steel with electrostatic paint finish
Designer Bianca Barbato
Year of design: 2016

About (from the designer’s site):

Bianca Barbato

Bianca Barbato’s creative universe is more than just home utilities, it is an artistic designed work with a strong identity.

Her work combines playful and cozy forms with a Brazilian influence applied on unusual materials and also influenced by modernist geometric forms and organic textures. Nostalgic elements are a source of inspiration to her. The designer works with different types of raw materials and technologies such as molded resin, molded plywood, copper, brass, steel, tiles and textile. Her research navigates from artisanal to industrial fabrication process. The results are unexpected visual effects that translate the artistic concepts of the designer.

Bianca is a product designer born in 1978 in São Paulo, Brazil.
She opened her design studio em 2006 in Rio de Janeiro.
Today she lives and works in São Paulo.

For more information regarding the RENDA collection, e-mail: [email protected]

Bianca Barbato Design 

all images courtesy of Bianca Barbato