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A Modern Cube Home in Brazil Is The Perfect Showcase For Contemporary Art

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Casa Cubo is a 715 m² cube shaped home in São Paulo, split into three levels connected by a spiral staircase. Designed by architect Isay Weinfeld, the home was commissioned by a couple of art collectors and was conceived to house a lodging and support center for artists and the development of the arts, but with all the necessary facilities to serve as a home.

Casa Cubo Brazil Home

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The solution was a cubic block, split vertically into three levels and a mezzanine.

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The service nucleus is located at the front of the ground level, comprising a kitchen, a restroom, a dining room and an entrance hall giving way to the wide room with double-height ceiling and polished concrete floor, intended to host events, exhibitions or even work as a lounge that opens onto the backyard.

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The mezzanine of the lounge, standing on the slab topping the service nucleus on the ground floor, houses the library, which is marked by three strong elements: a shelving unit extending the whole back wall, a strip of fixed glass next to the floor and a spiral staircase covered in wood that leads to the private quarters upstairs.

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Private quarters consist of 3 bedrooms and a living room thoroughly lit through a floor-to-ceiling opening.

The garage and service areas are located in the basement.

Lead Architect: Isay Weinfeld
Collaborating Architects: Domingos Pascali | Marcelo Alvarenga
Project Manager: Monica Cappa Santoni
Design Team: Juliana Scalizi | Leandro Garcia
Built Area: 715 m²
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2011-2013
Photos: Fernando Guerra

information and images courtesy of Isay Weinfeld and Fernando Guerra