New Jaw-Dropping Eye Makeup by Tal Peleg

Eye Makeup by Tai Peleg
Dali “persistence of time” eye makeup by Tai Peleg

It’s been about two years ago now since I introduced you to the work of Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg. Since that time, her skills have only improved. Here’s a look at some of her latest.

Eye Makeup by Tal Peleg

The Fox from The Little Prince:
Fox from The Little Prince eye makeup
Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon:
Toothless how to train your dragon eye makeup
peacock eye makeup1
Barbie eye makeup
Baymax and Mochi from Big Hero 6:
baymax and mochi Big Hero 6 eye makeup copy

The Israeli-based makeup artist who loves photography, art, design and cats, also used to do beauty makeup for weddings as well as run a makeup workshop in Israel.

The Sound of Music:
sound of music eyemakeup
Spicy and Hot Dragon
spicy and hot dragon eye makeup
Les Miserables:
les miserables eye makeup
Gone With The Wind:
gone with the wind in eye makeup
Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas (a collaboration with Anna Lingis):
Sally Nightmare before christmas eye makeup collab with Anna Lingis
Peacock (on model as opposed to her own eye):
peacock face makeup
Childhood Fears:
Childhood fears eye makeup

As if simply creating these little visual narratives weren’t enough, she applies these incredible works of art on her own eyelids! Do you know how hard that is?

Tai at work applying the eye makeupon herself
above: Tal applies these images on her own eyelids

Moomin and Snufkin:
Moomin and Snukfin, "The Moomins"
Anti-Bullying Message:
anti-bullying eye makeup
The Creative Child:
creative childPuppy and Kitten:
puppy and kitty eye makeup

She also lists all the makeup and brushes used for each piece of work on her instagram images, which is great for aspiring make-up artists or those who just like to play around.

A collaboration with Simone Johanna Maria Simons, lead singer of Epica:
a collaboration with Simone Johanna Maria Simons
Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven:
edgar allen poe the raven
Fruity eye makeup
candy eye makeup
emoji makeup
Falcor and Atreyu from The Neverending Story:
Falcor and Atreyu, "The Neverending story"
Eye makeup on closed lids:
eye-makeup on closed lids

Don’t forget to see my first post on her wild eye makeup here.

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