Never Thought Of Snails As Pretty Until I Saw These.

Snail photos by Katarzyna Załużna

The Snail photos by Katarzyna Załużna may actually make you think twice about stepping on the little slimy creatures. The nature photographer shoots pictures of snails in Poland. Her style and lighting makes these terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs take on the charm and beauty of a woodland creature.

Snail photos by Katarzyna Załużna

First thing I learned is that the land snails in Poland are far more beautiful than the snails in my hometown. At least from her photographs it appears that the striations, colors and types of snail shells seem far more attractive than the muddy brown ones that crawl out after a rain in Los Angeles. I wouldn’t dream of pouring salt on these little creatures.

Katarzyna told Bored Panda that “The hardest part is getting the snail to cooperate. I like to photograph in the evenings as the light gives warm atmosphere. I use manual lens at F1.8 aperture so it is sometimes difficult to focus on the snail and many shots cannot be used. It usually takes me about 1 hour to get the image I want.”

all images courtesy and ©of  Katarzyna Załużna’s facebook page and website

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